Intel Showcases Taiwanese Innovation in IoT at Computex 2015

Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan

Intel Internet of Things (IoT) solutions reached new heights at Computex 2015. Intel showcased innovative Taiwanese IoT solutions for smart cities and industrial environments, announced new enhancements to the Intel IoT Gateway, and celebrated future expansion plans to accelerate IoT in Asia and around the world.

“IoT is a fast-growing market that presents tremendous opportunity for Intel and our ecosystem,” said Jason Chen, Intel vice president and country manager for Taiwan. “Our 35-year history and strong collaboration with the IoT ecosystem in Taiwan is a critical success factor in our ability to scale the Internet of Things, enable business transformation, and enhance IoT experiences.”

Key Enhancements to the Intel IoT Gateway

The expanded Intel IoT Gateway offerings open up opportunities for developers to create and deploy for a wide range of IoT solutions, including smart cities and industrial environments.

  • Intel introduced the expansion of the Intel IoT Gateway product family. The latest gateway reference design offers expanded choice in silicon and software with the addition of Intel Core processor-based gateways and Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT 3 with flexible packaging options for applications that require a low cost of entry.
  • Intel also expanded the choice of operating systems for Intel IoT Gateway reference designs with the availability of Ubuntu Snappy Core from Canonical. This builds upon the current OS availability from Microsoft and Wind River.

Intel also showcased five new Intel IoT Gateway-based projects set to help boost the Taiwanese economy, transform business, and create better life experiences. Recognizing the global relevance of Taiwanese innovation in IoT, the following demos celebrated the power of collaboration in the Intel IoT ecosystem.

Smart Manufacturing for Formosa Plastics Corp.

Formosa PlasticsIntel and Formosa Plastics Corps announced an end-to-end platform for smart manufacturing. This new IoT solution is developed based on Intel technology and FPC FORMOSA-FX Distributed Control System and Safety Instrument System factory automation expertise together with an Intel-based gateway from Nexcom, Supermicro’s cloud server, and Cloudera’s big data analytics. The solution will enhance Formosa Plastics energy efficiency, environmental manageability, and industrial safety. With the help from Taiwan’s Bureau of Energy, FPC will also develop Dye-sensitized solar cell for wireless sensors, which will enable low-light energy storage technology to supply persistent power to IoT sensors.

The smart manufacturing solution integrates real-time analytics enabling forecasting, and monitoring – using big data analysis to help operation and maintenance personnel detect possible anomalies in advance. This is intended to prevent manufacturing interruptions and timely address capacity, environmental protection, and industrial safety issues.  As a result, operation costs can be reduced, while overall factory efficiency can be increased.

A proof of concept for smart manufacturing is currently in production and will be completed by October 2015. The smart manufacturing solution will be introduced to other Formosa Plastics factories in Taiwan and elsewhere in the world.

To learn more, watch the video.

Smart Factory for Fusheng

Smart Manufacturing demo

Intel and Fusheng, a top-five global air compressor manufacturer, announced a successful IoT platform deployment, and Fusheng will expand the newly developed services business overseas. To gain better business intelligence, Intel provided the end-to end Intel IoT Platform and Intel IoT Gateway via ADLINK on Intel Quark processors to connect front-end sensor systems to back-end Intel-based servers.  With this, Fusheng is now able to provide value-added services to customers based on this new system, which enables them to predict and detect maintenance needs.  The system allows Fusheng to transform its traditional hardware business to value-added solution services.

To learn more, watch the video.

Smart Building and Smart Home with Elitegroup Computer Systems and Tatung

COMPUTEX IoT Smart Home DemoElitegroup Computer Systems will deploy new smart home solutions in Taipei using Intel IoT Gateways with Intel Quark processors and Tatung’s Smart Building Management System. The system will allow future homes to connect appliances, Internet infrastructure, entertainment systems, and security on a centralized platform, enabling home owners to better manage households for a more convenient life.

ECS anticipates becoming one of the first smart home multi-unit housing solutions in Asia, and is looking to expand the solution across Taiwan and other Asian markets.

To learn more, watch the video.


YouBike Supported by Intel, Advantech, and Microprogram

YouBike Internet of Things Smart BikeIntel collaborated with Advantech and Microprogram to scale out YouBike, a smart city bike system. With an Intel Quark processor for the YouBike  sensor node, Intel Atom processors for the gateway, and an Intel Xeon processor-based server, the solution enables an end-to-end system that allows timely auto detection of problems and data security.

YouBike is considered one of the most popular public bicycle systems, with 430 stations throughout Taiwan. A total of 700 stations are expected by the end of this year. Working together with Intel, Advantech and Microprogram, YouBike is looking to expand the smart bike system to other cities in Asia.

To learn more, watch the video.

Smart Cities by Chunghwa Telecom

Intel Internet of Things Booth at Computex 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan.Intel collaborates with Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) to establish the Smart City IoT implementation in Taiwan to help improve the quality of urban life. The solution uses the Intel IoT Gateway on a Smart City Pole system to connect sensors located at street lights or power stands. The gateway is used to manage the data collected for air quality, weather, traffic, and power consumption. The system will also connect to a data center for real-time analytics using Intel-based servers. The first-phase implementation will start in Taipei at the end of 2015.

CHT is one of the first telecom carriers in Asia to collaborate with Intel for IoT. The cooperation between CHT and Intel will expand to fleet management, smart home and smart building projects in the near future.

To learn more, watch the video.

That’s a wrap for Computex 2015 this year. To stay up-to-date with Intel IoT developments, keep your eyes on this blog, our website, and on Facebook and Twitter.

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