Fujitsu & Intel Collaborate on a New Era of IoT Platform Solutions

(Left to right) Fujitsu CEO Shingo Kagawa; Intel Senior Vice President and General Manager, Internet of Things Group Doug Davis; Intel President Makiko Eda.

(Left to right) Fujitsu Sr. Vice President Shingo Kagawa; Intel Senior Vice President and General Manager, Internet of Things Group, Doug Davis; Intel President Makiko Eda.

Few things are as undeniable as the inherent forward momentum of human progress that is made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT). In Japan recently, we saw once again how the power of collaboration is leading to a new era of IoT that is being fueled by the extraordinary innovation of Intel IoT ecosystem collaborators like Fujitsu. 

As announced during my keynote at Fujitsu Forum, Fujitsu and Intel are combining Fujitsu Laboratories’ robust distributed service platform technology with the Intel IoT Gateway to build comprehensive IoT solutions. By combining Fujitsu’s cutting-edge technology with the Intel IoT Gateway, an integral part of the end-to-end Intel IoT Platform, both companies are creating an optimal systems environment, thereby offering high-value IoT solutions.

Inside a Distributed IoT Service Platform

Attendees learn about the Intel Internet of Things platform at Fujitsu Forum in 2015.

Fujitsu Forum

Fujitsu’s distributed service platform technology allocates service functions across an entire network, including both the network center and remote sites, enabling unified management. A cloud-based centralized-management mechanism optimally distributes data processing in response to monitored information received from each Intel gateway. This optimized processing, distributed through gateways, happens automatically and without human intervention, in response to service requirements.

To make the most of the distributed service platform using this technology, some processing needs to be handled at the gateways, rather than concentrating all of it at the center. The Intel IoT Gateway uses a tested combination of Intel processors and Wind River and McAfee software, with outstanding processing capacity, security, and certainty. Combined with Fujitsu’s distributed service platform technology, the result is a scalable system environment that can be quickly built and revised to respond to real-time changes in data volumes, thereby optimizing overall system costs.

Field Testing IoT at Shimane Fujitsu

Intel's Doug Davis discusses how Fujitsu and Intel collaborated on a new Internet of Things Platform Solution during his keynote presentation at Fujitsu Forum in 2015.

Doug Davis

As the first step in our collaboration, Intel and Fujitsu have initiated a field test at Shimane Fujitsu with the aim of expanding the scope of visibility into the manufacturing facility’s operations and reducing indirect overhead costs through data collection and analysis.

Shimane Fujitsu will collect post-shipment sensor data from products using FUJITSU IoT Solution UBIQUITOUSWARE, and conduct correlation analyses of the data with logs from production processes to further reduce costs. Initially, this will be used to bring a greater degree of visualization to the repair process of defective items undergoing reworking.

As part of this field study, locations of products needing repair will be tracked, as well as their progress through the repair process, including wait times, in real time, which should help reduce the number of extra steps required until shipment. In the future, this information can be correlated with video analyses of operators and equipment in trial production processes to further improve the reject rates of finished goods and reduce indirect costs. Our goal is to expand the scope of visualization to cover the entire supply chain between different plants.

A diagram showing the key components of the Fujitsu and Intel IoT platform solution in 2015.

The Future of the Global IoT

Fujitsu and Intel plan to take what we learn at Shimane Fujitsu and extend that to Fujitsu Group locations worldwide, and to roll out a series of IoT solutions for manufacturing. This is yet another superb example of what is possible through collaboration with our innovative ecosystem collaborators.


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