Jabil and Intel Collaborate on Blue Sky Center for IoT Innovation

Joanne Moretti, Jabil
Joanne Moretti

The rapid growth of the Internet of Things wouldn’t be possible without innovative collaboration among ecosystem partners. In this guest blog post, Joanne Moretti, vice president of sales enablement & marketing, Jabil, shares some exciting news about the opening of the Jabil Blue Sky Center in San Jose, Calif. This new Internet of Things lab is yet another key example of the power of collaboration between Intel and our ecosystem partners. ~David McKinney

Jabil Collaborates with Intel to Bring IoT Innovation to Blue Sky Center in San Jose

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the way companies do business in sectors from healthcare and high tech, to financial services, and everything in between. Jabil, a $16 billion, 200,000-person design, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions provider, has put itself at the forefront of this exciting revolution by creating a product realization center in the heart of it all — the Silicon Valley.

April 30 marked the opening of the Jabil Blue Sky Center in San Jose, Calif., a place where we believe imagination and engineering are pushed to the limits, only to find that there are no limits! The Jabil IoT lab is the powerful centerpiece for the IoT revolution. This remarkable Internet of Things lab comes to life with the support of an ecosystem of partners including the industry leadership of Intel. Jabil partnered extensively with Intel to bring to bear powerful new technologies that will foster collaboration with Jabil’s customers — 250 of the world’s biggest brands, as well as some of the Valley’s most exciting start-ups.

Jabil’s reach spans a full spectrum of industries including healthcare; mobility, wearables, and lifestyle; enterprise and cloud-ready infrastructure; IoT-connected smart cars and transporation; IoT-connected smart homes; IoT-connected retail; printing and imaging; smart factories and industrial; and energy. In addition to the IoT lab, Jabil’s automation and 3D labs and material sciences PhDs are on hand. The Jabil Supply Chain Control Center features our proprietary InControl software, bringing visibility to the global supply chain of our customers.

The Blue Sky Center features the world’s biggest touch-based explorer wall, a mock hospital room for Healthcare ideation and prototyping, a process innovation and automation lab, and many other exciting areas that will stir up the creative juices and help our customers’ dreams come to life: from conceptualization, to design engineering, to industrialization, to manufacturing, to delivery, to end-to-end supply chain visibility and management. At Blue Sky, every aspect of the product realization lifecycle is considered to ensure product success.

Research indicates that this kind of innovation access under one roof is vital to facilitating success for companies that are looking to leverage and benefit from innovation. Jabil conducted its own survey of 300+ companies, with the support of the third-party research firm, Dimensional Research, in April of 2015, and the results were remarkable.

Some 92 percent of respondents face obstacles with current manufacturing processes, including the cost and difficulty associated with changing existing processes: slow, error-prone, and costly manual processes, and lack of flexibility. Likewise, as many as 57 percent of respondents have abandoned a product idea because existing manufacturing processes were insufficient. And, notably, nearly 90 percent of those who completed the survey saw value in advanced manufacturing technologies, including advanced materials, predictive supply chain analytics, automation, modular assembly, and virtual reality design and prototyping. All of these “Factory of the Future” features and technologies are available for leverage by customers in one extraordinary place — Blue Sky!

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