Seven IoT Solution Blueprints That Get to the Heart of Innovation

How are you making your mark this year? Some of you are probably digging into a fascinating smart building project or collaborating on a new solution to increase factory efficiencies. Or maybe you’re focused on improving customer experiences in retail, or looking for new ways to use big data and IoT technologies to solve important fleet management questions in the transportation arena. Whether you’re at your bench building something, setting up meetings and making big plans, or just fascinated with what the Internet of Things can mean for businesses, individuals, and communities, you’re going to find value in Intel’s catalog of IoT Solution Blueprints.

I’ve gathered a set of IoT Solution Blueprints that cover a variety of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, smart buildings, and retail. These “implementation recipes” highlight some great examples of how Intel is collaborating on IoT implementations with industry leaders throughout the world.

Increasing Manufacturing Performance with IoT

Dell and Intel

IoT Blueprint for ManufacturingIntel and Dell use IoT technologies and analytics to bring cost savings, efficiencies, and higher product yields to in-house manufacturing processes.

Using big data, manufacturers can gain valuable insights derived from finding patterns, extracting meaning, and ultimately making decisions that lead to greater efficiency, but because many machine tools operate in relative silos, it is a major challenge to collect, analyze, and act on data generated across the factory floor. This is why Dell and Intel have assembled various Internet of Things and big data technologies that provide the connectivity, security, interoperability, and analytics capabilities that enable higher-performance manufacturing.

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Affordable Building Automation System Enabled by IoT

HCL Technologies and Intel

IoT Blueprint for Building AutomationHCL Technologies uses an Intel®-based gateway to deliver a powerful yet cost-effective building management solution for small- to medium-sized buildings.

Building managers face growing pressure to reduce energy consumption and increase operational efficiency in order to boost the bottom line. This solution blueprint describes a cost-effective BAS solution from HCL Technologies that delivers energy savings and productivity gains in all types of commercial buildings, including retail stores, factories, and corporate office spaces. The solution gives building mangers full flexibility and keeps structure alterations to a minimum.

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IoT Platform for Smart Homes Offers New Revenue Source

Yoga Systems and Intel

IoT Blueprint for Home AutomationIntel®-based intelligent gateways deliver a home automation system that service providers can turn into profit.

Service providers are looking for new ways to generate revenue in order to boost the bottom line. Innovative smart home technology from Yoga Systems is enabling solutions that are affordable and user friendly for the masses, and complement a service provider’s core communications and networking offerings. This solution blueprint explores Yoga Smart Home*, an intelligent smart home platform that connects to nearly anything: wired and wireless security detectors, cameras, thermostats, smart plugs, lights, entertainment systems, locks, and appliances.

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Improving Manufacturing Processes, Customer Experiences, and Energy Efficiency with IoT

Supermicro and Intel

IoT Solution for Cloud ComputingGateways based on Intel® technology expand Supermicro’s full line of computing, storage, and switching solutions for connecting devices to the cloud.

Emerging end-to-end IoT solutions will allow companies to collect, analyze, and derive meaning from data in ways that boost their bottom line while improving peoples’ lives. The open and scalable products featured in this paper make it easier to connect, protect, and manage devices. Supermicro and Intel bring expertise in systems across the entire IoT architecture—devices, IoT gateways, on-premises servers, network switches, and cloud infrastructure—to create value for solution providers.

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Building an Intelligent Transportation System with the IoT

TransWiseway and Intel

IoT Blueprint for TransportationTransWiseway’s solution based on Intel technologies helps improve the efficiency, safety, reliability, and convenience of commercial vehicle fleets.

When commercial vehicles are outfitted with the latest information technology, the possibilities around vehicle dynamics monitoring, intelligent navigation, fleet management, and value-added services are endless. These capabilities and more are enabled by a connected commercial vehicle solution developed by Intel and TransWiseway, a telematics solution and service provider in China. Intel® architecture computing platforms products are used to build an end-to-end solution that enhances the user experience, improves reliability and security, and helps reduce operational costs.

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Increasing Production Line Performance and Reducing Operations Costs with IoT Technologies

Advantech and Intel

IoT Blueprint for Factory AutomationAdvantech’s Intel® processor-based intelligent gateway and SUSIAccess* software delivers a factory automation system that connects factory devices to the cloud.

SUSIAccess, a remote management system from Advantech, allows equipment maintenance personnel to perform equipment status and maintenance checks from a web browser at any time, from anywhere, and with any connected device. The factory automation solution uses an Intel® processor-based gateway running an Advantech client-side agent to transparently handle protocol and data conversion, and acts as a conduit between manufacturing equipment and the Advantech server-side software. This solution can interoperate with high-level applications such as data analytics and machine learning.

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Internet of Things Solution Improves Vending Machine Profitability

ADLINK Technology and Intel

IoT Blueprint Vending MachinesIntel and ADLINK Technology use IoT technologies to help vending machine operators reduce operating costs and increase sales.

Vending machine operators know that greater profitability is driven by higher sales and lower operating costs. Addressing these priorities, Intel and ADLINK Technology are delivering products and services based on IoT technologies, including a vending machine management and data analytics solutions that connects a fleet of machines to the cloud-based tools that can help generate more revenue and reduce maintenance effort.

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