Mobile Line Buster Takes IoT to the Restaurant Drive-Through

There’s a good chance that until now, when you thought about the Internet of Things, you didn’t immediately think “hot dogs,” but after reading the guest blog post below, you might. Mohamed Eloraby, Director of IT Restaurant Systems, Galardi Group, describes the mobile solution built on Intel® architecture that his group created for Wienerschnitzel, the world’s largest hot dog chain. As an added bonus, he’s provided three suggestions for people who are planning to develop mobile solutions for their business. A tasty treat from the Intel IoT Blog—enjoy!  ~ David McKinney


Mobile Innovation Improves Operations and Customer Experience

Technology innovation is a key to success for Wienerschnitzel, as it is for any business that’s committed to enhancing the customer experience and reducing operations costs. My IT department recently developed a tablet-based line-buster that helps our operations teams better manage their lunch-and dinnertime crowds. If the drive-through line gets too long, a team member uses the tablet to take drive-through orders. Customers then pull up to the window to pay as usual.

A Wienerschnitzel team member takes order on an Intel® Atom™ processor-based tablet.

Using the solution, our operations teams capture orders earlier and deliver cooked-to-order food faster, fresher, and better prepared. In addition to faster service, they improve order accuracy and increase sales capture. Customers love the personal touch, the high-tech experience, and the speed of service. And our operations team members enjoy using technology on the job. It’s a win all the way around.

From Everyday Business Problem to Technology Solution

Our mobile solution started with the desire to solve an important operational problem: Avoiding customer drive-off. In choosing devices, our IT team wanted to maintain consistency with our current IT environment of Microsoft Windows*, MICROS POS systems, and Intel®-based infrastructure, so we evaluated several compatible tablets. It was important to have a tablet that was rugged, strong, and not too heavy, with good visibility in the sun. We also needed a device and operating system that were suitable for the business environment.

We decided on the TabletKiosk eo* a7400 Ultra-Mobile Tablet PC with the Intel® Atom™ processor N2600 and Windows. It met our criteria and was more cost-effective than other solutions we looked at. TabletKiosk was also very responsive as a vendor. They provided loaner units when we ran several pilots and gave us tips on how to lock down the software from the USB port. That was important for us in securing the devices and minimizing any inappropriate use of the devices.

Wienerschnitzel Intel Tablet
Wienerschnitzel’s solution is built for business and compatible with the stationary POS solution.

One of the great things about mobility is that once you start, you begin to see additional ways of using mobile devices to improve the business. We’re looking at the possibility of having a tablet in a holder or on a stand near the drive-through register so a customer can walk up and order.

Three Suggestions if You’re Planning to Develop Mobile Solutions For Your Business

  • Start with the business problem or operational issue. Think about how mobile solutions can help you get better at your core mission. For Wienerschnitzel, that’s delivering cooked-to-order food fast and providing a fun experience for our customers. Our tablet-based solution helps us do all that better.
  • Choose business-class devices that are consistent with your current infrastructure. This helps ensure your solution will be robust and easy to manage, and employees won’t have to learn a new operating system and interface.
  • Choose devices that suit your users and the way they work. For example, many Wienerschnitzel restaurants are located in California and Texas, so screen glare was an important consideration as we evaluated devices. We also provide a stationary umbrella that employees can also stand under. We provide tablets with a protective case and strap so employees don’t have to worry about dropping the unit.


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