Big Data Analytics and IoT Boost Smart Manufacturing Performance: Solution Blueprint & Webinar

Big data analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are the substantive foundation that enables advanced levels of smart manufacturing performance. That’s why Dell and Intel are working hard to drive a data revolution in smart manufacturing that will yield new productivity and efficiency gains. In our newest IoT Solution Blueprint, we’ve made it easier than ever to learn how big data analytics applied to factory equipment and sensors can bring operational efficiencies and cost savings to manufacturing automation processes.
We’ve also scheduled a live webinar about this topic on Thursday, December 11. Get more details below.

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    Increasing Manufacturing Performance with the Internet of Things

Manufacturers have been collecting and storing data for years, but now big data technologies enable more constructive use of this information, including how to increase throughput, boost yields, improve efficiency, and reduce downtime. Big data is characterized by huge data sets and varied data types (e.g., images, text, and machine log files), which the production line is producing at a much faster rate than ever before. When this data is analyzed using new tools available on the market, manufacturers can gain valuable insights derived from finding patterns, extracting meaning, and ultimately making decisions that lead to greater efficiency.

However, many machine tools operate in relative silos, so it is a major challenge to collect, analyze, and act on data generated across the factory floor. This is why Dell and Intel have assembled various Internet of Things and big data technologies that provide the connectivity, security, interoperability, and analytics capabilities that enable higher-performance manufacturing automation.

This IoT Solution Blueprint outlines a solution very similar to one implemented in an Intel manufacturing facility to show how data analytics applied to factory equipment and sensors can bring operational efficiencies and cost savings to manufacturing processes. The Intel pilot is forecasted to save millions of dollars annually along with additional return on investment business value.1 Likewise, this blueprint presents a solution that can help manufacturers benefit from the revolutionary advances in computer processing power, database technology, and tools for big data.

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Increasing Manufacturing Performance with the Internet of Things

Thursday, December 11


  • Brandon Cheng Way Koh – New Business Pathfinder, Manufacturing, Industrial, and Utilities Solution Division, Intel Internet of Things Group
  • Kirsten Billhardt – Internet of Things Marketing Strategist, Dell OEM Solutions

Find out how the Internet of Things and big data technologies can overcome key hurdles with a solution based on ingredients from Dell and Intel that provide:

  • World-class hardware and software security as the foundation
  • Automated discovery and provisioning of edge devices to ease deployment
  • Data normalization through protocol abstraction to improve interoperability
  • Broad analytics infrastructure from edge to cloud to gain actionable insights
  • Infrastructure to monetize hardware, software, and data management from edge to cloud


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IoT Solution Blueprints are great resources for plant operations managers, OEMs, systems integrators, and anybody loves to learn about how leaders in the Internet of Things field are crafting model “recipes” that make implementing IoT solutions easier, more affordable, and more successful. If you enjoy the IoT Solution Blueprint format, don’t miss the new blueprint about how HCL Technologies uses an Intel®-based intelligent gateway to deliver a powerful yet cost-effective building automation system—I recently blogged about it.  And keep an eye out for more IoT Solution Blueprints; there will be more coming soon!
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  1. Intel White Paper, “Optimizing Manufacturing with the Internet of Things,“
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