IoT Smart Building—Automation System Success: IoT Solution Blueprint & Webinar

Buildings have a lot of moving parts, so if managers can affordably monitor multiple building systems and properties at once—and optimize and fine-tune building performance to save money, be more environmentally responsible, and improve tenants’ comfort—the potential rewards are huge. However, the vast majority of small- to medium-sized buildings are not equipped with building automation systems (BAS), often because costs are significantly higher than they need to be.

IoT Solutions Blueprint

IoT Solutions Blueprint

That’s what makes a new IoT Solution Blueprint from Intel so interesting and exciting. We’ve illustrated how HCL Technologies uses an Intel®-based intelligent gateway to deliver a powerful yet cost-effective building automation system and drive smart building innovation. The blueprint and a live webinar are two ways you can dig deeper into this topic, and I’ve described both in more detail below.

IoT Solution Blueprint
Powerful, Cost-effective BAS Provides Flexibility and Keeps Structure Alterations to a Minimum

Building managers face growing pressure to reduce energy consumption and increase operational efficiency in order to boost the bottom line. But many buildings lack integrated building automation, making it difficult to manage their disparate systems. For instance, it is not uncommon for companies to have various types of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems and security systems across their locations or even in the same building.

These issues can be addressed by deploying a building automation system; however, the high cost of such solutions has traditionally been difficult to justify for small- to medium-sized buildings. Now, that’s starting to change, as IoT technologies are being used to drive down BAS cost, change the market dynamics for building management, and innovate in the smart building landscape.

The Affordable Building Automation System – Enabled by the Internet of Things solution blueprint describes a cost-effective BAS solution from HCL Technologies that delivers energy savings and productivity gains in all types of commercial buildings, including retail stores, factories, and corporate office spaces. Moreover, the solution gives building managers full flexibility and keeps structure alterations to a minimum.

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How to Create Affordable Building Automation Systems with the Internet of Things

Tuesday, December 9


  • Christine Boles, Director of Smart Building Solutions, Intel Internet of Things Group
  • Jasbir Singh, Software Developer
  • Mayank Babu Rastogi, General Manager – IoT Solutions, HCL Technologies Ltd

Find out how this BAS solution reduces your price point, lowers operating costs, requires minimal infrastructure challenges, and has an easy-to-use interface that enables building managers to visualize building data and make fast, precise decisions.

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IoT Solution Blueprints are great tools for business decision makers, systems integrators, and anyone interested in learning how leaders in the Internet of Things field are crafting model “recipes” that make implementing IoT solutions easier, more affordable, and more successful.  We’re in the process of putting together several more blueprints, including a great new piece that explains how Yoga Systems uses an Intel-based intelligent gateway to deliver a home automation system that service providers can turn into profit. I’ll post links and more details soon.


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