Intel Labs’ Orion Races In-Vehicle Infotainment Onto the IoT

My colleague Ignacio Alvarez, Research Scientist, Systems Prototyping & Infrastructure, Intel Labs, works closely with software and hardware engineers, user experience researchers, and designers to prototype concepts in the field of intelligent transportation. In his blog post below, Ignacio writes about his recent participation at AutomotiveUI 2014, a prestigious venue that links academia and industry in the development of cutting-edge vehicle technologies. ~ Dave


Hopefully, you’re not reading this blog post while you’re driving—but with average daily commuting times exceeding 50 minutes in the United States, it wouldn’t surprise me if some IoT@Intel followers are dipping into the blogosphere while waiting for the red light to turn green. Like it or not, we spend a lot of time on the road, which is why many of us are fascinated by recent progress toward intelligent cars with advanced driving features, and the promise of autonomous driving.

Recently, I was a panelist at AutomotiveUI 2014, the sixth annual conference on automotive user interfaces and interactive vehicular applications. This year was by far the most successful, with the most attendees, published papers, and workshops yet. Intel, a Gold sponsor of the conference, participated in panels about autonomous vehicles, organized workshops on natural and social vehicular interactions, and even brought our Orion demo (see more, below). There was an extraordinary level of interaction among participants, especially between audience members and researchers who were presenting case studies, research methodologies, and findings about how people interact with their in-vehicle systems. The room was buzzing with lots of forward-thinking people talking about the “what” and “why” of their research, and it was fantastic. With so many different perspectives and points of view, I’m really excited and optimistic about the future developments in vehicle UI experiences.

One great example of how the combination of research and imagination can lead to intriguing UI possibilities is Orion, a consumer electronic device, app-leveraged, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) project from the User Experience Research Lab at Intel Labs. Our team is always focusing on finding ways to enrich people’s lives based on more personal, immediate, powerful, and effortless interactions with technology. When you watch the Orion demo video, you’ll get a sense of how this all comes together:

This is certainly a fascinating time to be working in transportation technology. As automakers continue to integrate new informational, entertainment, and safety capabilities into cars, Intel is helping to ensure that design and implementation are powerful, efficient, intelligent, and successful. Earlier this year, we introduced Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions, a family of pre-integrated and validated hardware and software products that not only help automakers speed time to market for IVI solutions, but also position the industry to continue evolving from convenience features to advanced driving features and eventually, to autonomous driving. As my colleague, Vice President, IoT Group and General Manager, Transportation Solutions Group, Elliot Garbus, recently wrote, we’re thinking of the car not merely as a mechanical device but as a “supercomputer on wheels that informs, assists, and ultimately assumes the role of the driver.” This truly is exciting stuff.


Intel is using its proven expertise and R&D in computing technology, automotive systems, and consumer electronics to help automotive industry partners accelerate the evolution of connected, intelligent vehicles. For more insights and observations of the Intel experts and engineers working to advance the next generation of driving experiences, read these recent blog posts, and take a moment to explore more details about Intel’s efforts in transportation.

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