Scaling the Internet of Things at GE Software Mind + Machines 2014

We know the Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly growing new market, but we have also learned that the IoT is complicated to deploy and scalability will be crucial to the industry’s success. Fortunately, Intel has an extensive history in helping deliver scalable solutions. We have been a key technology provider for other business transformations that required scale to deliver dramatic new usage models, new products and solutions, and significant impacts to business productivity.

So what does it take to be scalable? To get there, we have to make the IoT repeatable. We have to start re-using core technologies and capabilities in areas like security and data analytics that are fundamental to the IoT. Those technologies can then become the foundational elements for businesses of any size across multiple vertical sectors. To help provide this foundation for the IoT, Intel recently identified five key tenets of success for edge-to-cloud solutions with a focus on security and interoperability.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 3.55.26 PM

Intel identified the five tenets of edge-to-cloud solutions. 

Once the foundation is in place, platforms can be created that address the core needs of the IoT and can scale through a variety of partners and applications. This is what Intel is doing now and it’s why I’m speaking today at GE Software’s Mind + Machines 2014. Intel and GE combined the Intel® gateway platform, which provides security, manageability and scalable compute power – from a few sensors with Intel® Quark processors up to thousands of sensors with Intel® Xeon® processors – with GE Predix software. This combination enables customers to manage their assets and focus their investment on developing applications that will drive business value. Most importantly, these types of scalable solutions can help customers connect the 85 percent of all devices that are unconnected today according to IMS Research. Bringing that existing footprint into the IoT will accelerate the ability for companies to extract greater value and productivity from existing assets.

If you saw my last post, you know that GE is not the only company Intel is working with in this vein. Intel has defined a reference model for the IoT to define how devices will be connected to deliver trusted data to the cloud which will help drive the transformational opportunity of IoT. Some elements of the reference model will be integrated into platforms like the one we announced with GE today. Intel will also lead an effort within the IIC to help define testbeds to confirm and validate interoperability of building blocks for end point devices connecting to the cloud. Within the IIC, testbeds are used to generate requirements and priorities for standards organizations and consortiums like the IIC and can culminate in new and potentially disruptive products and services. The IIC plans to publish its standard framework mid-next year.

Intel's Doug Davis speaks at GE Software Mind + Machines 2014Intel’s Doug Davis hosts a panel discussion with Industrial Internet Consortium
members AT&T, GE, IBM and Cisco at IDF 2014.

To stay up-to-date with Intel’s IoT developments, keep your eyes on this blog, our website, and on Facebook and Twitter. If you missed me on stage at GE Software’s Mind + Machines today, you can find the full keynote here.

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