Top 10 Cool Things Powered by the Intel IoT

There’s no doubt about it: the Internet of Things (IoT) is influencing and changing the way the world works—from new opportunities to collect and analyze big data in industrial settings to advances in autonomous vehicles and everything in between. If you’re a follower of this blog, you’ve read about how Intel and our collaborators have used outstanding computational performance and energy efficiency to improve manufacturing, how we’ve expanded the conversation around self-driving cars, how IoT is creating exciting changes in retail, how we continue to aggressively explore key aspects of IoT technologies and implementation challenges including security, and much, much more.

IoT constantly surprises and delights us. Who could have anticipated we’d be connecting IoT to wildlife in Africa, or to something as simple as a freshly baked cupcake, for example?

In my Mega Session at IDF14 this week, I highlighted 10 unexpected IoT applications based on Intel® architecture (IA)—everything from rhino tracking and beer keg monitors, to connected wheelchairs and smart big rigs. Using integrated solutions and development kits such as the Intel® Gateway Solutions for IoT, the Intel® Galileo development board and the IoT developer kit, developers can create new, intelligent devices like these and help build the connected future of IoT.

It was great to see so many people at the session, but for those of you who couldn’t be there, here is the list:

#10: Rhino Ankle Bracelets Afoot in Africa

Top Ten #10: Rhino Ankle Bracelets Afoot in Africa Banner

It seems that even rhinos are getting hip to IoT. Connected ankle collars are now being used to track the critically endangered black rhinoceros, native to eastern and central Africa. The ankle collar provides each rhino’s geo-location and movement data, which is encrypted to ensure poachers cannot get to it, and then sent to the cloud. If there is an issue with a poacher, anti-poaching teams can be alerted with helicopters, drones, and ground-based vehicles to apprehend the poachers.

This enables researchers to track the location of the animal, monitor its behavior, and know when it’s in distress—all in an attempt to help save this species.

The Intel® products inside:  Intel® Quark™ SoC-based Intel Galileo boards

The value from using Intel® architecture:  a credit card-sized Intel Galileo board, complete with 3G communications and onboard storage features, is the perfect size-integrated solution for an ankle collar.

#9: Heathrow Airport Flush with Smart Loos

Top Ten #9: Smart Loos Banner

These smart loos in Heathrow Airport use sensors to anonymously monitor the number of people who have used them. They also send an alert when they need attention. In addition to being able to alert staff that it is time for cleaning, the sensor may also inform them that a particular unit has not been used for some time, which could indicate a problem that requires more than just a cleaning.

The Intel products inside:  A sensor in each urinal connects to the gateway, and sends data over the Internet to airport maintenance.

The value from using Intel architecture:  This product is scalable across verticals and is an end-to-end solution.

#8: IoT Water Dispenser Makes a Splash

Top Ten #8: Water Dispenser Banner

These publically located water stations provide fresh, purified, and cool water in an eco-friendly way. Connected sensors enable analysis of water quality, leakage detection, air pollution and more. Not only are they solar powered Wi-Fi hot spots and charging stations, but they even clean and sanitize your bottle for you!

The Intel products inside: built-in sensors communicate to the built-in gateway

The value from using Intel architecture: remote management

#7: PepsiCo Shakes Up the Soda Market with Pepsi Spire*

Top Ten #7: PepsiCo Shakes up the soda market with Pepsi Spire Banner

The Pepsi Spire* has eight brands of soda and six extra flavors so you can mix and match. Using a 4G modem connected to the cloud, PepsiCo learns about flavor combinations and fill rates, tracking consumer decisions to help them with market research for their new products.

The Intel products inside: Intel architecture and Intel® Retail Client Manager

The value from using IA:  This product uses Intel Retail Client Manager for the transfer of telemetry information, and eventually, content.

#6: Weight Scale Connects Patients to Healthcare Providers

Top Ten #6: Weight Scale connects patients to healthcare providers banner

Remote health monitoring plays a big part in the future of patient care. This Bluetooth* connected scale communicates through home gateways, and sends data to healthcare providers who can identify drastic changes in weight.

The Intel products inside: A sensor in the scale connects to an Intel Quark SoC-based gateway.

The value from using Intel architecture: This integrated solution securely transmits personal health information to healthcare providers.

#5: NYC Property Management Company Meets Di-BOSS

Top Ten #5: Building Monitor banner

Rudin Management, a large property management company based in NYC, integrated Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT into several of their properties. Within a few weeks they were able to begin remotely monitoring electrical, steam, and water appliances in a fully integrated control environment. They call it Di-BOSS (Digital Building Operating Software Solution).

The Intel products inside: Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT

The value from using Intel architecture: Rudin Management has proven that these integrated solutions can save millions of dollars a year in operating expense, when applied across their property holdings. We expect this to be a great growth area for IoT.

#4: Sprinkles’ Cupcake Dispenser Savors Tasty Results

Top Ten #4: Sprinkles' Cupcake dispenser savors tasty results banner

Now this is my kind of ATM! It allows customers to get their sweet fix 24 hours a day in New York; Dallas; Scottsdale, Ariz.; Las Vegas; Los Angeles—and the list continues to grow!  Sprinkles’ Cupcake ATM notifies the company when it’s time to restock, and a cupcake delivery team responds with freshly baked treats; including pet-friendly options.

The Intel products inside:  Intel® Core™ i5 processors

The value from using Intel architecture:  Sprinkles can remotely manage their cupcake ATMs

#3: Beer Keg App Ensures the Glass Is Always Half Full

Top Ten #3: Beer keg app ensures glass is always half full banner

Remember number nine, those smart loos? I have an associated example, a novel new B2C, beer-to-cloud platform to show you. SteadyServ has developed iKeg*, which demonstrates that IoT isn’t just about connecting hi-tech smart buildings and self-driving cars, it can also be used to improve a 7,000-year-old technology like beer. The Intel® technology-based SteadyServ iKeg system uses RFID and sensor technology to collect data from beer kegs and provide feedback to bar owners about the state of their inventory. What’s more, it aggregates market data to help distributors and brewers better serve consumers by catering to their tastes.

The Intel products inside:  Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT

The value from using Intel architecture:  Sensors are connected to a gateway and data is uploaded to the cloud. At the corporate level, the keg data can be combined with point-of-sale data, social media, and historical data. Then, using advanced analytics, they can ensure that each individual location has the right beer, in the right place, at the right time.

#2: Big Rig Wheels Keep on Turning to Intel® Solutions

Top Ten #2: Big rig wheels keep on turning to Intel Solutions banner

Intel worked with Vnomics to use sensors, intelligent devices, and real-time data analytics to make freight trucks more efficient and safer to drive while reducing overall fuel consumption. As a result, Saia Trucking has seen approximately four million gallons per year in fuel savings by connecting 100 percent of their fleet with Vnomics gateways. Intel is continuing to work with Vnomics to provide solutions for real-time, individualized driver coaching, comprehensive vehicle analysis, and safety and compliance tools through the IoT.

The Intel products inside:  Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT

The value from using Intel architecture:Vnomics uses sensors, intelligent devices, and real-time data analytics to make freight trucks more efficient and safer.

Learn more here:

#1: Connected Wheelchair Rolls Into the Internet of Things 

A team of Intel engineering interns used the Intel® Galileo development kit and Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT to create a connected wheelchair that collects biometrical information from the user, as well as mechanical information from the machine, to bring a smoother ride to those who could use a mobility boost in their daily lives. The team also built an application that allows wheelchair users to map and rate the accessibility of locations, further enhancing the user experience.

The Intel products inside:  Intel Galileo development kit and Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT

The value from using Intel architecture:The connected chair is able to track three different things: the chair through sensors, user biometric data, and actual user experiences regarding bad/good locations for wheelchair mobility.

As we’ve seen, the breadth of possible IoT applications are as diverse as the plethora of objects we interact with daily, regardless of where on the planet we call home.

Head to the IDF14 website (IDF14 website no longer active, link is to current IDF site) to view the IoT Mega Session today. To stay in the loop about IDF and IoT, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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