IDF14 Preview: Tips for Internet of Things Insiders

Most people who follow this blog are busy building the future, whether it be improving factory systems or adding intelligence to legacy devices. For you, the Internet of Things isn’t just a concept, it’s a reality. While you’ve been burning the midnight oil, Intel has been gearing up for this year’s Internet Developer Forum. IDF14 takes place September 9-11 in San Francisco, and the event will include keynotes from Intel executives, experts, and developers; new “Mega Sessions;” hundreds of technical sessions; and one-of-a-kind hands-on demos in the IDF Labs.


Want to get a sense of the action? Watch highlights from IDF 2013:


As you might guess, the Internet of Things is a big part of the story this year. The latest innovations, implementations, and insights are going to be well-represented in San Francisco. If you’ve already made plans to attend, we look forward to seeing you there. If you haven’t registered yet, this should definitely whet your appetite. Plus, you can get access to the Mega Session (see below) and show floor by entering the promo code MGTIOT when you register! (Note that there are a limited number of passes available—first come, first served!)

I thought it might be helpful to highlight some of the IDF14 activities that will be especially interesting to the IoT community.

IDF14 Cheat Sheet for IoT Insiders

Mega Session: Internet of Things: LIVE with Doug Davis

New this year at IDF14 are the Mega Sessions. Doug Davis, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Internet of Things Group, will kick things off on Tuesday, September 9, in an exciting session that will include a live band, interesting guests, coolest IoT designs, and demos. It will be a unique opportunity to get Doug’s take on how the Internet of Things is transforming our cities, public utilities, and all kinds of industries—from manufacturing to retail, automotive to healthcare, and energy to education. What are the five “must-haves” for realizing the promise of IoT? Find out by joining Doug.

Technical Sessions and Tracks

With hundreds of sessions to choose from—led by a robust roster of speakers from Intel and from a wide variety of industries—there’s something for everyone this year. The IDF14 website lets you apply filters, including Internet of Things, Big Data, Embedded Technology, and other, when searching for sessions. Here are five sessions that caught my eye right away:


  • From “Things” to the Cloud; Intel’s End-to-End Architecture for the Internet of Things
  • Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT vertical markets
  • Enable Smart Buildings with Intel® Architecture
  • Transformational Retail Technologies
  • Intel® Firmware Support Package for Internet of Things

IDF14 also includes helpful “Technical Session Tracks” to help you determine which technical sessions to attend. The “Internet of Things – Starting with Intelligence Inside (IoT)” is a great resource. Additionally, there will be an app released prior to IDF that you can use to create your own schedule and connect with others while you’re at the conference.

Intel Pavilions

Of the four unique pavilions—each of which gives you a great opportunity to ask questions, collaborate, and get information from Intel engineers—two will especially interest the IoT crowd:

  • Intel Labs Innovation Pavilion: See both near-term projects as well as more forward-looking examples from our international network of university research centers, including “Jimmy,” the star of the 21st Century Robot Project, which aims to invent a new class of highly social, open source, “do-it-yourself” robots.
  • Intel Software and Services Pavilion: See how Intel is putting our unrivaled understanding of hardware, software, and services to work, clearing the path for innovation, driving silicon growth, and the growth of computing overall.

IoT Technology Community

IDF14 is a perfect time to connect with Internet of Things peers, experts, and leaders, and discuss your areas of interest. This year in San Francisco, members of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance will be demonstrating scalable, interoperable solutions for the deployment and connection of the intelligent devices that are making the IoT a reality.

Other “Can’t Miss” Highlights: The “IoT Zone” and the “Hands-on Lab”

At the IoT Zone, look for demos highlighting IoT innovation in smart buildings, smart manufacturing, retail, and transportation, from companies including AdLink, Advantech, Cisco, Congatec, Dell, Green Hills Software, Kontron, Lauterbach, Nexcomm, SBS, Supermicro, Wind River, and others. Plus, don’t miss a chance for a hands-on experience with Intel® Gateway Solutions for Internet of Things (IoT). Join the hands-on lab to see and use the gateway, ask questions, and learn more.

Head to the IDF14 website to get more details, sign up for email updates, and register. See you there! And to stay in the loop about IDF and IoT, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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