IoT Makes Signage, Cars, Factories, and Buildings Smarter: “Mash-Up” Blog Post #2

The Internet of Things (IoT) is allowing everyone to dream bigger. While we are standing on the brink of some truly amazing technologies, such as self-driving cars, others are already a reality, including intelligent signage, smart factories, and smart buildings.

Each week, the IoT@Intel Blog brings you IoT stories and news that inspire, create excitement, and share best practices. Today, we’re highlighting four “can’t miss” blog posts from the past several weeks—whether you’re reading them again or catching them for the first time, I hope you enjoy the wide range of topics and insights.

IOT-012_RCM_ImageManage Digital Signage from Anywhere with Intel® RCM

Which is more engaging: a poster or an interactive kiosk?

In the new era of digital signage made possible by IoT, brands and retailers are striving to create, implement, and efficiently manage engaging and consistent experiences for their customers. As part of Intel’s continuing innovation in this arena, we recently announced updates to Intel® Retail Client Manager (RCM). See which three major features were integrated into this new version, resulting in a simplified setup with a single application on a single license.

IOT-012_ADAS_Auto_Image_SMALLSelf-Driving Cars, IoT, and the Top ADAS Requirements

Which six factors could make self-driving cars a reality?

Intel is leading the conversation around the growing need for compute in next-gen cars, with security and safety supported by sophisticated systems that sense, anticipate, and react to changing conditions. In this blog post, we explore the complexities and excitement surrounding advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), with a special focus on the top ADAS requirements discussed in the recently released paper, Technology and Computing Requirements for Self-Driving Cars.


IOT-012_SystemConsolidationSeriesThe Internet of Things: Work Smarter, Get to Market Quicker—Part 2 [Video]

Why are virtualized, consolidated industrial systems a smart choice for developers?

This is the second half of our two-part video interview series with Tim Appleton, Business Development Manager, IoT Group, Intel, and Mark Hermeling, Director of Product Management, Embedded Division, Wind River. In this fascinating conversation, they discuss the benefits of application-ready platforms for system consolidation, and explore opportunities and challenges—including security questions—that are key to leveraging this technology.


IOT-012_SmartBuildingIoT and Smart Buildings: Harnessing Big Data to Deliver Savings

How is IoT bringing greater intelligence to building operations and enhancing operational efficiencies?

Working with a world-class ecosystem, Intel delivers interoperable hardware and software solutions, integrated security, and simplified management capabilities that make smart buildings a reality today. In this post, we take a look at some great examples of how IoT and smart buildings are changing the way we think about reducing energy consumption and delivering savings in new and surprising ways.

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