Smart Cities, Self-Driving Cars and Smart Factories: The Internet of Things “Mash-Up” Post

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fostering thousands of clean tech jobs, advanced driver assistance systems, and next-gen smart manufacturing, and Intel is helping engineers deliver innovative solutions that will lead to a better quality of life now and for years to come.

Each week, the IoT@Intel Blog brings you IoT stories and news that inspire, create excitement, and share best practices. Today, we’re highlighting four “can’t miss” blog posts from the past several weeks—whether you’re reading them again or catching them for the first time, I hope you enjoy the wide range of topics and insights.

Smart America

Smart City Technology Improves Quality of Life
By Ton Steenman

Would most urbanites prefer to live in a “smart city?”

Intel is participating in a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow project called the SmartAmerica Challenge. The goal? To create tangible and measurable benefits to the U.S. economy and the daily lives of Americans. In response to the challenge, Intel and the City of San Jose launched Smart Cities USA. See how this project plans to implement IoT technology—a system of intelligent sensors that monitor air and water quality, transportation, energy, and communication systems—to help San Jose manage urban population growth and thrive for decades to come.

From Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions to Self-Driving CarsKP IVI
By Elliot Garbus

What are the top 5 technology and computing requirements for enabling tomorrow’s intelligent self-driving cars?

Intel is working closely with the automotive industry to shape new informational, entertainment, and safety capabilities. This blog post introduces Intel® In-Vehicle Solutions, a family of pre-integrated and validated hardware and software products that not only aim to help automakers speed time to market, but also to connect the dots from convenience features to autonomous driving.

Smart Factory and the Internet of Things Opportunity
By Jim Robinson

MAPI SlideWhy are “smart factories” the future of manufacturing?

In May, Jim Robinson participated in the panel discussion “Manufacturing More Competitively in America” at the 2nd MAPI Executive Summit. He discussed the steady resurgence of manufacturing in the U.S—everything from educational initiatives to implementing “Smart Manufacturing” technologies to improve factory operations. How is IoT keeping U.S. manufacturing competitive on a global scale? Read the post for insights.

The Internet of Things: Work Smarter, Get to Market Quicker—Part 1 [Video]System Consolidation
By Valerie Scarsellato

Wouldn’t you rather have less equipment to manage, secure, and maintain?

The manufacturing industry is evolving quickly, and the IoT offers a wide range of optimization and business transformation opportunities. In the first of a two part video series, we chatted with experts Tim Appleton, Business Development Manager, IoT Group, Intel, and Mark Hermeling, Director of Product Management, Embedded Division, Wind River to collect great insights for industrial systems designers and developers.

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