Mobii Takes the Internet of Things on the Road for Easier, Safer Driving

As the car becomes a more connected device in the Internet of Things, it will use the flow of data — both inside the car and in the world around it — to collaborate with drivers and car owners in new and exciting ways. Mobii, aka Mobile Interior Imaging, is a research collaboration between Intel and Ford that uses interior cameras, the intelligent systems of your car, and your smartphone or tablet to connect and perform tasks that will not only make your driving life easier and safer, but more private and secure as well.

Imagine a vehicle that recognizes you when you get behind the wheel. That personalizes your in-vehicle infotainment settings and pulls up your schedule, directs you to your appointments, plays your favorite songs, and even opens the sunroof. All without you taking your eyes off the road.

Intel and Ford wanted to see how drivers interact with technology and how, using technology, we could make that interaction more intuitive and predictive. In a recent joint announcement , we describe how Mobii brings interior cameras together with existing car sensor data, the drivers’ behavioral patterns, and perceptual computing technology to transform the car ownership experience.


Here’s just some of what Mobii can do:

Mobii uses a front-facing camera and facial recognition technology to compare the person behind the wheel to pre-authorized drivers. If they don’t match, the car won’t start—preventing thefts and joyrides. You receive an alert, complete with a driver photo. You can even direct Mobii to authorize a new driver, instantly from wherever you are.

When the car starts, Mobii displays your schedule for the day and starts directions to your first destination. Prone to losing things? Admittedly, Mobii can’t keep you from accidently leaving items in the car. But Mobii’s cameras can help you find them. Simply access the photo feed from your smartphone or tablet to find your stuff (or at least know where it’s not).

Mobii can sense gestures—and know where they’re coming from and going. So you can reach toward the sunroof and Mobii will wait for your voice command to open or close it. Same with the climate control system. No need to take your eyes off the road. And if you happen to reach for the navigation console while the car is in motion, Mobii will gently remind you that’s a bad idea, requiring you to speak your destination instead. On the other hand, someone in the passenger seat is free to use the navigation controls.

To see how it all works, take a look at this video. And stay tuned for when to expect this smart new technology at a Ford dealership near you.

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