Cisco Guest Post: The Internet of Things (IoT) Ecosystem

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a massive market opportunity that requires industry leadership and collaboration to drive innovation across the IoT spectrum—from edge devices to the datacenter. We are very pleased to welcome Roberto De La Mora, Senior Director, Cisco IoT Solutions Marketing to the IoT@Intel Blog to discuss what to expect from Cisco Live 2014 and how Cisco and Intel are working together to deliver integrated IoT solutions. – Valerie Scarsellato, aka @Intel_Chick, Marketing Specialist, Internet of Things Group (IOTG)

Roberto De La Mora, Senior Director, Cisco IoT Solutions Marketing 

Cisco_LaMoraBIO:  In his current capacity, Roberto De La Mora provides strategic direction for the Cisco Internet of Things Business Group, field marketing, and sales teams with a solutions focus. He participates in industry events and user forums as a speaker on business value of technologies such as Networking, Mobility, Cloud, Collaboration, Software applications and video. He in an experienced International executive with a distinguished 24 year career. Prior to Cisco, Roberto worked for companies such as Siemens, Lucent Technologies, Avaya.  He has been a leader at Cisco since 2003.


A foundational element to a successful business and technology strategy

As we prepare for Cisco Live 2014 in San Francisco, the level of energy and excitement around the Internet of Everything (IoE) continues to grow. It doesn’t matter who you ask, all industry observers perceive a sea change occurring. Converging digital disruptions are at an inflection point are giving rise to exponential change. Where Gartner calls this the Nexus of Forces, and IDC calls it the Third Platform, at Cisco, we call this the Internet of Everything. The IoE is really the mother of all market transitions, knitting together multiple technology-driven disruptions. At its essence, the IoE is the networked connection of people, process, data and things.

And it is about the things, specifically the Internet of Things (IoT) that I am personally more excited about.  The IoT is an important part of the IoE. It’s a subset that focuses, more or less, on the connections between machines, with the objective of enabling intelligent connectivity of physical devices driving massive gains in efficiency, business growth, and quality of life.

The IoT environment is full of opportunities and challenges. Having a well-thought-out strategy to leverage its possibilities and deal with its issues is more important now than ever before. Top executives across all segments and verticals are looking at IoT trying to find the key to create the platform to deliver new value. We believe the answer lies in carefully considering the ecosystem that has to be created around applications and use cases.

Like with other technology and market transitions, a successful strategy also starts with a solid foundation.  This foundation begins with an architecture that is open and inclusive, one that leverages the value from that ecosystem at each of its layers. During the Cisco Live Industry KeynoteThe Internet of Everything Ecosystem: Bringing IT and OT Together with the Internet of Things – we will cover this topic in more detail, but I would like to start the conversation here by setting the stage and taking a high-level look at the first of these key architectural elements: The IoT Infrastructure.

The relevance and business value that can be driven from IoT Infrastructure will be covered by Doug Davis, Intel’s Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Group.  Without a question, Intel is a thought leader in IoT. They are a member of the IoT World Forum Steering Committee, one of the most influential companies in the space, and we feel honored having Doug presenting at the keynote.

Without giving away Doug’s presentation, I think the audience will clearly see how the focus on delivering business relevant outcomes, not just products and technologies, is at the core of Intel’s strategy. There is a very clear link between the value delivered and the capabilities of each of the components in the architecture — all the way from processors to security, services enablement, management, and cloud-enabled connectivity. Intel’s products and services are not only great platforms for IoT enablement, but also show clearly how IoT is creating a new ecosystem where two leaders in the industry, Cisco and Intel, are working together to deliver more value, real use cases, and better solutions to our customers.

So come and join us during the keynote, and be part of the conversation. There is a lot going on around IoT at Cisco Live, and we want you to be part of it. See you there!

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  1. Thanks for the blog, Roberto. I’ve been at Cisco Live! this week and there is tremendous excitement about the Internet of Things. Lots of cool demos being shown with IoT — in all sorts of industrial and other sectors. IoT drives business efficiency and helps public and private sector entities re-invigorate the way we think about the things and people around us.

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