IoT North America: Embracing the Internet of Things Today

The Internet of Things is a big deal! It offers businesses the opportunity to develop new services, improve real-time decision making, solve critical problems, and develop new end-user experiences. IoT is driving a world of increasingly connected devices, seamless connectivity from sensors to the data center, cloud economics for computing and data, and the acceleration of big data analytics. This sounds great, but how does this relate to your business? Or to your existing and legacy infrastructure? How can IoT solutions be deployed efficiently? And what are some real life examples to learn from?

I will be covering these important topics and more at the Internet of Things North America event, May 14-15, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you will be attending the show, I invite you to join my presentation, “Embracing IoT Today with End to End Solutions,” on May 14th at 9 a.m.

IoT NA Shahram Prez

While the opportunities for IoT are great, significant challenges remain. IoT implementations are complex given the need to connect with the cloud, manage and analyze data in a secure way, and integrate with existing infrastructure. Intel is tackling this complexity head-on with pre-certified and pre-validated hardware and software building blocks that deliver baseline functionalities for manageability, connectivity, and security required for end-to-end solutions.

But we’re not just talking about new, greenfield solutions. Because more than 85 percent of today’s devices are based on

existing legacy systems, we recently announced the Intel® Gateway Solutions for the Internet of Things to unlock the hidden value of the data in legacy equipment today and speed the deployment of new, innovative services.

It is now possible and efficient for companies of all shapes and sizes to explore how IoT can have a direct impact on their bottom line and position them for future success. How will you innovate in IoT? Check back next week for a follow up post where I will share the details of my presentation. You can also connect with me via Twitter @Intel_Shahram with any questions you may have.

Learn more about Intel® solutions for IoT.

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Mehraban currently leads a team of marketing engineers and platform architects to drive solution-centric product innovation in Intel’s embedded energy and industrial businesses. In this role he is responsible for setting research directions, conducting comparative qualitative and quantitative research globally, leading new product and solution strategy and definition for Intel in the power and automation industries.
Prior to joining Intel in 2000, he held a number of technical marketing and business development roles at Trillium, Glenayre, Nokia and Motorola.
Mehraban received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from University of British Columbia in 1992 and Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Victoria in 1995. He is a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast and early adopter of all types of consumer electronics. He likes to run and watch European soccer on the weekends. Continue the conversation on Twitter, @Intel_Shahram

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