IoT: It’s here….now what do we do? Think Intelligent Gateways and Secure Data

Our mission at Intel is to “create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth.” One of the ways we’re fulfilling this mission is through the acceleration of the Internet of Things (IoT) with integrated, scalable, device-to-cloud solutions. We’re pleased to support Global IoT Day 2014 today and it’s inspiring to see the momentum building behind a community developing IoT solutions on a global scale. However, IoT will fail to meet its potential unless innovators address the question of bringing intelligence to legacy infrastructure and keeping data secured as it travels from device to cloud.

Intelligent Gateways are Critical

The key to making IoT a reality for businesses is connecting new systems with legacy infrastructure. With 85% of devices requiring help to connect to the Internet1, intelligent gateways are absolutely critical to efficiently capture and transmit relevant data from formerly stand-alone devices to the cloud where it can be aggregated and analyzed. What’s really exciting for me is the vast amounts of untapped data and insights residing in legacy infrastructure just waiting to be discovered.

Intel Gets You to Market Faster

For critical solutions, Intel is preparing solutions that can help lower development costs and get you to market faster.  Just last week at IDF14 in Shenzhen, we announced the Intel® Gateway Solutions for the IoT. This was the result of a collaboration with McAfee and Wind River to provide pre-integrated, validated hardware and software building blocks that enable seamless and secure data flow between edge devices and the cloud. Earlier this year at Embedded World 2014, we announced the Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series. These application-ready platforms provide pre-integration and validation of crucial hardware and software components to enable faster delivery of high-performance, virtualization solutions that consolidate multiple workloads.

Securing the IoT

In today’s world, systems security and integrity are paramount. It almost goes without saying that IoT solutions that don’t properly address security will not be successful. IoT systems need to critically examine the integrity of all connected devices—when coming online and throughout their lifespan on the network. We’ve developed an end-to-end security strategy through the combined expertise of Intel, McAfee, and Wind River. From Intel® Xeon® to Intel® Quark, Intel is providing tight integration of hardware- and software-based security to allow developers to focus on innovation.

Industry Standards and Ecosystem Collaboration

Connectivity and security are vital, but an open IoT middleware platform is equally important. Intel has been working closely with a network of industry leaders to establish interoperability across industrial environments and increase momentum in the adoption of IoT applications. Part of that work includes Intel’s role in the newly formed Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) – an open-membership group that is taking the lead in helping industrial organizations more easily connect smart devices, machines, people processes and data.

Global IoT Day 2014 is an open invitation to join the important conversations about achieving the full potential of the IoT to shape our economy, our society, and our world. Together, we will power the IoT. Check out and join the conversation on Twitter with @IntelIoT and #IoTDay.

1 Intel® Solution Brief: Connecting Legacy Devices to the Internet of Things

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