Driving IoT Adoption Through Industry Collaboration

Last October, I mentioned the Internet of Things offers a tremendous opportunity for businesses to truly transform themselves by realizing the potential of data that is sitting, untapped, in existing infrastructures. Connecting legacy devices to the cloud and enabling end-to-end analytics can accelerate that transformation, but a more open IoT middleware platform to enable scale, security, and a well-defined user experience are equally important. That’s where industry standards and ecosystem collaboration come into play.

To help drive the Internet of Things, Intel has been working closely with a network of industry leaders to establish interoperability across industrial environments and increase momentum in the adoption of IoT applications. Part of that work includes Intel’s role in the newly formed Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) – an open-membership group that is taking the lead in helping industrial organizations more easily connect smart devices, machines, people processes and data.

Intel, AT&T, Cisco, GE and IBM are working together in the IIC to encourage innovation by: 

  • Utilizing existing and creating new industry use cases and test beds for real-world applications
  • Delivering best practices, reference architectures, case studies, and standards requirements to ease deployment of connected technologies
  • Influencing the global development standards process for internet and industrial systems
  • Facilitating open forums to share and exchange real-world ideas, practices, lessons, and insights
  • Build confidence around new and innovative approaches to security

The IIC aligns well, its a combination of connecting existing systems and driving new connected devices to accelerate business transformation. Security, data, open building blocks, and device/data discoverability will be at the core of this infrastructure and we believe the IIC will help accelerate the standards and ecosystem collaboration needed to make the Internet of Things a reality.

The IIC aligns well with Intel’s vision for the Internet of Things which centers around accelerating business transformation through a robust end to end IoT solution, connecting both existing systems and new systems into a secure infrastructure.  Enabling IoT scale requires an open solutions architecture facilitated by standards and a strong ecosystem. The IIC will help accelerate the momentum and make the Internet of Things a reality more quickly.

You can read more about the IIC at http://www.iiconsortium.org/ and we encourage you to think about your company joining  the IIC to help accelerate the Internet of Things.

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About Ton Steenman

Vice President, Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Group General Manager, Internet of Things Strategy and Technology Office Ton Steenman is vice president of the Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Group and general manager of the Internet of Things Strategy and Technology Office at Intel Corporation. He is responsible for managing the IoT strategy across all of Intel's assets, including development of strategic business objectives, an end-to-end implementation strategy, driving external industry and partner leadership, and technical alignment to deliver foundational IoT technologies and solutions. IoT is a significant area of growth for Intel, and the company has a wide range of technologies and assets to help customers realize the business transformational opportunity IoT offers.

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