Real-World Problems Solved with Intel IoT End-to-End Solutions

By  now, everyone has come to realize how important the Internet of Things is in our daily lives. We’ve been explaining connected devices, intelligent gateways, systems-of-systems and end-to-end analytics. It’s a lot of information to differentiate and absorb! That’s why when Divya Kolar, Vision Strategist for Intel Labs at Intel, came to me with an easy to understand graphic showing a real-word example problem that could be addressed with an Intel solution, we both agreed it should be shared! Check out Divya’s short post and graphic below and let me know what you think. ~ Valerie Scarsellatoaka @Intel_Chick, Marketing Specialist, IoT Solutions Group

Divya Kolar, Intel Labs Vision Strategist at Intel

Ton Steenman, General Manager, Internet of Things Strategy and Technology Office, said in his vision for IOT in Oct 2013 that “There now exists an opportunity for business transformation previously unseen in the embedded marketplace…..”  In the vision, Intel also announced its plans for end-to-end analytics for delivering business transformation.

We at Intel Labs thought ahead about the real world problems the embedded marketplace will face so we created our energy and sustainability initiative three years ago. We felt that the right application of cost effective computing & communications (enabled by Quark), combined with Intel Labs advanced analytic,s could bring efficient and simple energy load monitoring to the masses.  That’s why we set out to solve John’s problem. John is a property manager and has a stressful job because he never knows when the building HVAC system might go wrong and lead into maintenance issues and business downtime that can be very expensive. We conducted research that transformed into a successful Intel Internet of Things (IoT) end-to-end solution that would ease John’s job. We were able to innovate solutions to not only create value from data collected from the IoT system, but were able to provide fine-grained trends of energy usage in rooftop HVAC systems. This fine grained view allowed John to predict upcoming maintenance issues, foresee failures and prevent them, thus creating a productive and comfortable business environment.

Check out John’s story in the Intel Labs-created graphic below – click to enlarge.

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