The Intel® Industrial System Consolidation Series: Part 2

The much anticipated sequel to Debuting the Intel® Industrial System Consolidation Series: Part 1. See that post for more information about the System Consolidation Series and the benefits of virtualization in industrial settings.

As anticipated, our introduction of the system consolidation series caused a lot of buzz at Embedded World 2014. In the Intel stand, we were excited to demonstrate two real-life applications of the system consolidation products. Shelly, the zither playing robot showing virtualized industrial workloads in harmony, drew big crowds every time she started to play. Another hit was the Baosight BaoSmart iCentroGate Security Solution, a secure, virtualized, consolidated gateway for protecting sensitive internal networks while extracting data for use across an enterprise. One demo viewer shared that the integrated platform and business model would “accelerate the adoption of embedded virtualization overnight.” An additional overheard comment: the solutions series “will make virtualization technology accessible to smaller customers”.


Baosight, one of the largest industrial system integrators in China, developed a secure, virtualized, consolidated gateway solution using the Intel Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series to protect their sensitive internal networks while extracting the data for use across the enterprise.

The Intel Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series is an application-ready virtualization platform that enables you to combine multiple discrete workloads on a single computing device:

  • An industrial computer with a power-efficient, quad-core Intel® Core™ i7 processor
  • Wind River Hypervisor
  • Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT)
  • Support for common I/O interfaces for industrial applications
  • Production-ready virtualization software stack with three preconfigured virtual machines (VMs), or partitions, running a combination of real-time and embedded operating systems on dedicated processor cores

Below are answers to three more questions I’m often asked.

Is there anything like Intel Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series on the market today?

The discrete software and hardware components are out there. But in terms of having a completely integrated platform that includes the hypervisor, the two different kinds of operating systems, as well as the integrated licensing, there is nothing else like this on the market. Essentially, we’ve made virtualization easier and more straightforward. We’ve shown this to a number of our customers and ecosystem companies who are eager to start developing with it.

What kind of companies should be using it?

The expense and complexity of starting a project like this have prevented all but the large OEMs from developing solutions that combine these different elements together. We designed the system consolidation series to appeal to smaller OEMs, system integrators, and automation solution providers. Companies that have their own automation applications can use the virtualization kits to consolidate them on a single platform, simplifying everything from installation and networking to cabling on the factory floor. A smaller footprint means decreased hardware size, weight, power, and cost.

How can developers take advantage of it?

It took us six months to get access to all the components, development licenses and tools, and another nine months to integrate all of the components. So basically, developers get a big head start using it compared to those that try to assemble, validate, and test the hardware and software on their own. This set of solutions is an easy way for developers to get started with virtualization technology on a workload consolidation project with significantly less upfront engineering cost, shorter product development cycles, and faster time to market. You can find a list of our Intel Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series Authorized Distributors here.

Dong Wensheng, General Manager of Baosight’s R&D Division, shared in a new case study that using the system consolidation series they saved an estimated 60 percent of development time and 50 percent of development cost. These types of results have a significant impact on the bottom line and I’m excited to see many more companies take advantage of all that the system consolidation products have to offer.

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