Making IoT Real: Possibilities in the Internet of Things

In case you missed the first and second segments of this series, we captured a great conversation with executives from Intel, McAfee, and Wind River, who are on the leading edge of IoT solutions development. In this final segment, Tom Moore, WW VP of Embedded Sales at McAfee, discusses the exciting possibilities for IoT to change our lives for the better. – Valerie Scarsellato, aka @Intel_Chick, Marketing Specialist, IoT Solutions Group

Tom Moore, WW VP Embedded Sales, McAfee

When we consider the future possibilities of IoT, it’s easy to lose focus of what’s truly important. So what IS important? For some, it may be to focus on critical infrastructure and the economic gains that come along with unlocking the power of assets that were once intentionally excluded from enterprise networks and cloud computing. IoT provides an opportunity to maximize the potential of those assets. But what I’m most excited about now is the ability of IoT to change life as we know it.

Take a look at this video in which I discuss with my colleagues Kumar Balasubramanian, of Intel, and Jim Douglas, of Wind River, the future possibilities of the Internet of Things.

The biggest impact that I see IoT having today is how we interact with information. By this I mean the ability to have real-time access to data through the constant connection of mobile devices to the cloud. Think about the connectivity that this brings to our daily experience of the world. Our lives will be more comfortable and more rewarding as a result, and it’s going to allow us to tie together things that previously had no way to communicate.

We will get faster and more complete access to information, which I think we can all agree fuels a better quality of life. The amount of data generated from device-to-device communication is staggering, but the key is to have greater access to the right information, not an overload of information that is irrelevant. This will have a tremendous impact on our physical and intellectual well-being.

But without the proper building blocks to support existing legacy systems, the ability to strip away useless data will be missing. That’s where processing and analytics capabilities come into play. Getting to the needle in the haystack of unstructured data is what it’s all about, and doing it effectively, efficiently and securely is going to make our IoT solutions a success.

The possibilities of the Internet of Things to change life as we know it is countless! Have a look at this video and let us know your point-of-view.

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