Making IoT Real With the Intel Product Roadmap

In case you missed the first segment of this series, I had a great conversation with executives from McAfee, and Wind River about Intelligent Gateways. We’re continuing the conversation in this segment and discussing the inter-product roadmap and setting the foundation for IoT development.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer an “idea,” it’s a new reality that’s here to stay. With connected devices growing at a rapid pace, the amount of big data available for companies to analyze is growing quickly. The ability to effectively analyze this data provides an opportunity to create new services, enhance productivity, improve real-time decision making, and develop new and innovative user experiences.

Take a look at this new video in which I discuss with my colleagues Tom Moore, of McAfee, and Jim Douglas, of Wind River, the importance of technology platforms for IoT that improve time to market for new solutions.

Over time, we believe that scalable intelligent gateways —from Quark to Xeon— will provide a foundational hardware platform, and when integrated with software building blocks that deliver baseline software capabilities in critical areas—security, manageability, and connectivity— then these will collectively allow the industry to innovate at a faster pace with their respective value-add products. For example, pre-certified and pre-validated hardware and software building blocks will provide proven solutions out of the box.  These building blocks deliver critical baseline functionalities that help the ecosystem build their own interoperable apps and services.

Effective communication with the cloud is a core element of IoT deployments, and we are augmenting our roadmap from the edge to the cloud to address this need and enable the ecosystem to deliver innovative big data solutions. As the industry evolves at taking advantage of integrated cloud and edge analytics, we will ensure that we deliver relevant horizontal building blocks that will enable the ecosystem to deliver innovative analytics solutions and accelerate business transformation in the industry.

Innovators can come out of anywhere, so we need to provide the right infrastructure for the broad community to bring their ideas to market and innovate around the Intel architecture and products.

Where are you innovating in the Internet of Things? Have a look at the video and let me know.

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