Must See Connected Store Experiences at NRF 2014!

Along with everything else, stores have been “connected” to the Internet for a long time now. But in 2014, the connected store means so much more. This year, Intel is personalizing shopping with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data through retail technologies that blend physical and online shopping across devices. I’m excited to be in New York City today to kick off the National Retail Federation (NRF) Annual Convention and Expo. Come visit us Booth #2738.

We’re approaching the show from the standpoint of understanding retail industry needs and solving real challenges. In our booth this year, you’ll find scalable innovation across retail solutions—systems you can actually deploy and install in pre-existing equipment.
NRF Retail Image

Some of the highlights you will find are:

  • Memory Mirror: Based on Intel® Core i7 technology, this full-length digital “mirror” allows apparel shoppers to virtually try on multiple outfits. Shoppers can directly interact with the mirror using hand gestures and can sync their favorite looks with a smartphone or tablet to share with friends or purchase in-store immediately.
  • Shopping Anywhere Solution: Have you ever liked the look of a shirt, skirt, or entire outfit being worn by a character on the TV show you’re watching? Now you can identify it, play games to earn digital currency, or purchase it instantly and have it delivered to your doorstep.
  • Intel Mobile Workforce Solution: The reality is that consumers have access to the resources to be as educated, or perhaps more educated, than sales associates. This technology give sales associates more support to help smart customers with mobile solutions across the categories of mobile POS, client service, inventory research, concierge services, and management dashboards.
  • Dynamic Menu Boards: Show real-time pricing and promotions to keep the dining experience as fresh as the food being served. Display the rich and engaging high-definition content with minimal latency, low power, higher reliability. Dynamic pricing and product recommendations deliver contextual pricing and product recommendations based on transactional data available from internal data sources.
  • Dynamic Staffing Optimization: Use data such as real-time store traffic, line length, number of active registers, historical transaction data, and labor scheduling information to determine when to open or close registers based on expected customer traffic.
  • Inventory Management: Make sure shoppers don’t show up at the store only to be disappointed that their desired inventory is sold out. Intel big data solutions help anticipate the right product mix, determine optimal pricing, and know inventory status in real time.

For more information on these amazing solutions, check out

Intel-based retail solutions and big data innovation are now open in our booth. Drop by Booth #2738 while you’re at NRF and schedule a booth tour. For every tour taken, we’re donating money to the Retail Orphan Initiative to help pay teacher salaries at a school we build in Liberia. Come help us maximize this donation I hope to see you here!

Look for my blog post tomorrow on the IoT, Big Data, and mobile megatrends around the connected store and what you need to know. Follow me on Twitter (@shopthefuture) for updates from the show and conversions year round on retail technology.

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