YOUR HOTLINKED LIFE: The Internet of Things is becoming a really big deal. Here’s why you should care

Intel has been busy talking about the Internet of Things recently at events in San Francisco, Barcelona, London, and this week in Taipei. The story around IoT is a big one that requires many voices and an ongoing dialogue to more fully understand what the Internet of Things really means. This week we welcome two guest contributors from Reuters to talk about how billions of connected devices are changing industries and our daily lives. Today’s post is from Matt Villano, a freelance writer and editor based in Healdsburg, Calif. He has contributed to TIME, The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic Traveler and Backpacker, to name a few. See the abstract from Matt’s article below and read the full article here. Thank you Matt. ~Valerie Scarsellato, Intel Marketing Specialist

Abstract: Imagine living in a house that knows when you’re up and prepares the bathroom, gym, kitchen, and car for your arrival. By 2017, 90 million people will live in smart homes, but that’s only a small part of the new reality of the Internet of Things (IoT), the interconnectedness of everyday devices with the help of sensors and other systems. In addition to the smart home, business of all kinds are utilizing IoT to track inventory, increase energy efficiency, manage systems, forecast maintenance, and much more. A number of factors have contributed to the dawn of IoT including smartphones and the anytime/anywhere access to connected devices and the data they generate; affordable, ultra-low power connectivity devices; and pervasive signal transmission protocols like WiFi and Bluetooth. The Internet of Things matters to consumers and businesses alike because of potential cost savings as well as the opportunity for new value-added services. Cloud computing will play a large role as this approach makes data generated by IoT devices more accessible to analytics software. The majority of consumers still aren’t aware that this is happening, but the realization is growing that that our hot linked life isn’t necessarily fiction anymore. How will the IoT affect you? Read the full article here.

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