Virtualized Industrial Workloads in Harmony and the China International Industry Fair

This in an important week in the world of industrial computing with the China International Industry Fair (CIIF) taking place November 5 – 9, in Shanghai. To give you an idea about how important, China’s first-ever moon rover is making its debut at the show before flying to the moon aboard the Chang’e-3 lunar probe later this year. Also for the first time, CIIF has a hall entirely devoted to industrial robots covering industrial automation, motor drives, logic controllers and sensors. I’m excited to be at CIIF to debut a ground-breaking system from Intel that demonstrates finely tuned industrial automation technology with a zither, an ancient instrument with a proud history in China. See this incredible robot in a duet with a human musician below: 

The “virtualized industrial workloads in harmony” demo is a Proof-of-Concept (POC) for consolidated industrial workloads running in virtualized environments. Its Intel® Core™ i7 processor-based industrial computing system supports multiple discrete workloads including HMI, data analysis, and motion control. A hypervisor is used to manage the virtualized environment. The real-time applications are running on Wind River VxWorks, embedded workloads are running on Wind River Linux, and the HMI is running on Windows 7 professional.

What makes this POC unique is that it utilizes a virtualized environment running a combination of real-time, embedded and general-purpose workloads. Through virtualization, the system has the ability to support the unique requirements of each workload without interference. This is well-suited for industrial applications because it supports both real time and non-real time workloads on the same CPU. For example, the system can run HMI and motion control simultaneously. We also have a demonstration from a customer at the show that uses the same platform to consolidate workloads.

If you’re not in Shanghai at CIIF, check out the video and stay tuned for some pretty cool “behind the scenes” videos about how this amazing demo was made. You can find me on Twitter: @Intel_Shahram, I’d like to hear your feedback or answer any questions you may have.  Look forward to it.

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