A New Era of Integrated Computing: Intel’s Approach to IoT

A cadre of Intel executives has the good fortune to be in the beautiful city of Barcelona this week for the inaugural Internet of Things World Forum hosted by Cisco! The momentum of the Internet of Things (IoT) across the industry is palpable as companies develop their core value propositions and align on areas of collaboration to move IoT forward. Kumar Balasubramanian, General Manager of the Intelligent Solutions Division (ISD) at Intel is delivering a keynote on Wednesday and we greatly appreciate him sharing his presentation with the Embdedded@Intel blog. Thanks Kumar!  ~Valerie Scarsellato, Marketing Specialist

Kumar Balasubramanian, General Manager, Intelligent Solutions Division:

I’m inspired to deliver a keynote address on The IoT Market Transformation. Integrated computing solutions are important because they provide the industry with a much better starting point to develop IoT solutions and drive innovation at a faster pace. For those of you not able to attend this exciting conference with me, I want to share with you the essence of my keynote and welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Intel’s vision for IoT is built upon three pillars – intelligent devices, intelligent system of systems, and end-to-end analytics. The first two unfold in parallel while analytics starts in the cloud and migrates to the edge over time. The first step towards realizing the benefits from IoT is to start by looking at existing or legacy infrastructure. We are integrating IoT in a system of systems approach for local device management and data sharing. Standard gateway platforms, like Intel® intelligent gateways get data off the device and into the cloud where it can be analyzed.Cisco IoT forum kumar press

Next, we’re looking for opportunities to bring more compute to the IoT. The evolution of Moore’s law increasingly makes it more attractive to system designers to build in more compute when possible, and the development of new services will drive the demand from the high end to the low end. Five years ago, low-end for us meant the Atom family of processors; today we are integrating the low-power, small-core Intel® Quark SoC X1000 family of processors which are an ideal fit for industrial control and automation applications.

Analytics is the third piece and our challenge is to unleash the inherent power of analytics from device data in the cloud. How do we do this? Big Data and IoT are now travelling in lock-step and distributed processing and data management software, such as the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop*, can be used to scale analytics across end-to-end solutions to enable global intelligence and local real time response. Algorithms optimized once can scale from the cloud to the gateway.

Working closely with companies like McAfee, Wind River and others, Intel is helping the user in a new era of integrated computing across hardware and software in the Internet of Things.

For more information, visit: http://intel.ly/1dmS0iy.

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