Transforming Business in the Internet of Things

Kumar Balasubramanian, GM of Intelligent Solutions Division at Intel discusses new versions of the Intel® Quark SoC X1000 product family, along with the Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 product family, and a new family of Intel-based intelligent gateway solutions featuring integrated software from McAfee and Wind River.  Check it out below!  ~Valerie Scarsellato, Marketing Specialist

Today represents a significant step forward in computing and I’m excited to be a part of it. We’re here in San Francisco with a collection of top press and analysts to announce Intel’s expanded low-power roadmap and Intelligent Gateway Family of products  to tap the vast, emerging applications made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT). People have been doing great things in the embedded marketplace for decades now, but what’s fascinating about IoT is that as computing and connectivity are becoming more affordable and ubiquitous, innovators are coming up with very compelling business transformation opportunities.


Check out what Kumar has to say in this video:

For companies like Intel, I think the most important step for leading the industry and meeting customers’ present and future needs is to listen. Through numerous discussions with our ecosystem, Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance members, and many others, we’ve developed an end-to-end approach that moves beyond the device into three strategic pillars of IoT transformation: intelligent devices, intelligent systems of systems, and intelligent end-to-end analytics. Our goal is to provide business and technical innovators with integrated computing blocks so that they can delivers intelligence from device to cloud and convert their ideas to reality.

Today’s News

Last month we announced the introduction of a totally new family of products from Intel called Quark and today we’re unveiling new versions of the Intel® Quark SoC X1000 product family, along with the Intel® AtomTM processor E3800 product family, and a new family of Intel-based intelligent gateway solutions featuring integrated software from McAfee and Wind River. These technologies will enable Intel to bring compute to new places in the industrial, energy and transportation markets, provide low-power features with better graphics and industrial controls, connect legacy systems and provide common interfaces and seamless communication between devices and the cloud.

Companies may be wondering how this news affects their current business and how they start taking advantage of IoT today. The new gateways I mentioned are a critical step when realizing that more than 85 percent of today’s devices are based on existing legacy systems (based on IMS Research). Interoperability is key and what we are providing is pre-validated hardware and software, including McAfee Embedded Control and the Wind River Intelligent Device Platform, that help develop, prototype and deploy application services more quickly so businesses can focus on creating new, value-added services.

 Bridging IT and OT Technologies

A great example of this is our work with the world’s largest HVAC company – Daikin Applied, who is here with us today to talk about IoT. In the past, people may have wondered what a global leader in IT and a global leader in HVAC could work on together. Well, this is probably the most exciting part of my job, talking to customers and exploring great ideas together. We talked with Daikin Applied about the business transformation they would like to drive, from being a metal box vendor to someone who is producing valuable intelligence about the energy utilization in the commercial markets that they serve. They chose the our new family of intelligent gateway solutions to deploy a complete end-to-end solution for commercial HVAC equipment, connecting their existing equipment, and delivering data to the cloud that is then aggregated and analyzed. This is really exciting because it changes how Daikin does business, allowing them to focus on deploying services like real-time HVAC unit performance and advanced energy management that help people better manage the building performance and warn of HVAC issues before they happen.

Intel, McAfee, and Wind River

One of the main things Intel brings to the table as a strong industry leader is the ability to deliver integrated computing solutions that provide the industry with a much better starting point to develop IoT solutions and drive innovation at a faster pace. Intel, McAfee and Wind River are developing comprehensive strategies that encompass every stop in the data journey, from the device through the network to the cloud and back. It’s really about how we help our customers with security issues, manageability of apps and services issues, and about discoverability of the devices. We’re combining hardware and software assets and delivering them as an integrated package.

The Intel product roadmap scalability enables you to embrace IoT today, no matter your size, sector, or position on the adoption spectrum. It’s a really exciting time and I feel that the strength of Intel delivers a distinct advantage for innovators to go deliver their dreams to the rest of the industry. Check out for more resources.

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