UPDATED with Downloadable Slides: Enabling the Smart Connected World

Session Presentation Slides Available Here: Enabling the Smart Connected World

What’s up Everyone?! Are you ready for IDF 2013?! In the effort to bring forth some of the top technology experts from behind the scenes at Intel, I’m pleased to share this post with you from Peter Barry, Principal Engineer in the Architecture Division of the Intelligent Systems Group.  Peter is leading a MUST SEE technical session, “Enabling the Smart Connected World on Thursday, 9/12, Room 2007, 10:45 – 11:45 at IDF, see the details below. Check out his post below and register for his session if you haven’t already! Stay tuned for more insights soon and let us know your thoughts and questions. – Valerie Scarsellato, aka @Intel_Chick, Marketing Specialist, ISG

It’s September and that’s means the annual Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco is here. It’s inspiring to be leading a technical session this year that describes how the embedded marketplace is transforming from discrete, isolated embedded devices to interconnected intelligent systems that network and communicate with each other. The Internet of Things (IoT) is here and the potential benefits are many. You as developers now have the power to unlock the value residing in your company’s data, empowering you to seek efficiencies, improve decision-making, solve critical problems, and much more.

As a Principal Engineer in the Architect Division in the Intelligent Systems Group, I’m often asked what makes devices intelligent, and what this intelligence enables developers to do. The answer essentially boils down to connectivity, manageability, security and data enriching functions. But intelligent devices are only a start. In my session, “Enabling the Smart Connected World” on Thursday, 9/12, Room 2007, 10:45 – 11:45,  I’ll describe the strategic pillars of the transformation for IoT and Big Data and talk about how IoT is, in fact, accelerating Big Data Analytics.

In case you were wondering if this were all theory, I’ll have several, real-world deployments to examine in order to illustrate general applications and service offerings that are producing end user value. I’ll also share with you my IoT application best practices and answer any questions you may have. In case you missed the session at IDF, download the presentation here: Enabling the Smart Connected World.



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