Geek Week: Topsec Leverages Crystal Forest for Better Firewalls

In the world of IT, firewalls are nothing new. They have served as the “front gate” of most enterprise systems to discourage the would-be hacker/intruder for a while now. However, what has changed is the multitudes of ways people use the Internet and the creativeness of hackers. From the usage perspective, workers are doing more and more online. From using cloud-based storage (like Dropbox) to share large files quickly without breaking any email attachment policies to updating the company’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, whatever streams and uploading that one video that everyone hopes will go “viral,” workers are on the Web more often & in more ways. From the outside perspective, the ingenuity of hackers means that the days of the stateful inspection have gone the way of the wrapping the reins of your horse around a post. Modern IT specialists need deeper, Level 7 analysis to keep their companies safe.

Therefore, companies need a Firewall that can be programmable & reconfigurable to meet their every-changing demands. But, at the same time, the firewall has to adjust to new threats quickly. Because of these reasons, at least one company, Topsec ( is looking to the new Intel platform, codenamed Crystal Forest ( ) to further accelerate the performance they can get out of their firewall while still using a many standard, widely available components. In this video from RSA 2012, Jason Wu, VP of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development for Topsec discusses the advantages that his company has gained from working with Intel, and Wind River, including the hardware security acceleration found in the new chipset in Crystal Forest which is codenamed “Cave Creek.”

So, let us know what you think. Aside from smarter, more intelligent firewalls, what kinds of intelligent systems do you think could be realized with the new Crystal Forest platform? Please leave your ideas in the comments below!


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