Intel Arizona LEEDS the Way

Innovative technology… Check. Cutting-edge environment initiatives… Check. Getting the internationally recognized stamp of approval from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)… Priceless. Today, we’re proud to announce that our Ocotillo campus in Arizona was recognized as the first semiconductor or … Read more >

One Intel Employee’s Deep Dive

When Intel’s Ken Brown says he’s doing a deep dive, that’s precisely what he means. Ken–he’s the guy in the black flippers–has been spearheading a remarkable undersea photography project. (And Intel support has been pivotal. More on that in a … Read more >

The Davos Debates: Intel Chairman Craig Barrett Joins the Debate on the Economy

One of the active corners of the World Economic Forum’s Congress Center is the YouTube “Davos Debates“. Debate topics cover the Economy, Policy, Environment and Ethics – and Davos participants can chime in with their points of view. Today Intel … Read more >

Live from Davos: World Economic Forum

I am sending this from Davos, Switzerland – home to the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum. Watch this space over the next couple of days – we’ll be posting “live-from-Davos” updates, YouTube videos, and (if we catch them) … Read more >

What do cheetahs and technology have in common?

Did you know that in Namibia, Africa – 25 million acres of land are choked by invasive thorn bushes, which then make agriculture impossible and alter the water cycle thereby threatening life for humans and animals, like the cheetah? And … Read more >