Taking Smart and Green to a New Level

Meeting LEED green building standards is no small task, but, in 2015, we drew a line in the sand that all new Intel buildings would meet a minimum LEED Gold certification. But when planning began for SRR3, which would be located on our existing Intel campus in India, we raised the bar and had Platinum in our sights. Once we finished building SRR3, our most unique office building, home to more than 3,500 Intel employees, we officially earned Intel our first new construction LEED Platinum certification.

SRR3, built from the ground up using a novel construction method, surpassed our gold certification goal, and is ranked in the top 1% of green building projects worldwide based on the 2009 LEED new construction rating system. This nine story, 628,000 square-foot intelligent and greener building is 48% more energy efficient than other like buildings, has the potential to reduce GHG emissions by 70% and could save over 12 million gallons (MGY) of potable water annually.

Smart and green features include:

  • Fuel cell technology which is the largest installation of its kind outside the U.S. and the first fuel cell system deployed for power generation in India. The output of the fuel cell system is connected to the campus electric distribution network supplying power to the building and has the capacity of displacing the building’s electricity usage and reducing CO2 emissions by more than 60%.
  • The renewable solar thermal heat hybrid system installed on two rooftops is the source of hot water for the building. Integration of solar and other renewable energy technologies, including the solar light poles, have the potential to generate up to 13% of the building’s electricity demand.
  • Approximately 10,000 sensors track and optimize temperature, lighting and energy consumption. 70% of the sensors located in the building’s digital ceiling provide 24/7 real-time data. This data is collected and analyzed, helping facility managers improve building performance and conserve resources. Data gathered from the smart ceiling provides insight into actual usage rates of the conference rooms and training rooms, helping to optimize future designs. Additionally, we share building performance with employees and visitors.
  • Technology improvements, including capturing condensate, rainwater harvesting and onsite water treatment results in water savings.

SRR3 is the new baseline for future Intel office buildings. This newly constructed, high performance smart and green building has set the standard for the next generation of Intel offices even beyond gold.

Geek out on all the smart and green elements of SRR3 in our profile on the U.S. Green Building Council LEED site.

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