Making a Difference for Hurricane Relief

New tools for digital fabrication such as 3D printers and laser cutters are great ways to teach important skills for the new economy, and, let’s face it, do fun projects. Who wouldn’t want a custom action figure for their desk or homemade chess pieces to impress their friends?

But these tools can also save lives. Imagine a rural hospital cut off from global supply chains after a natural disaster. They can use a 3D printer to fabricate an umbilical clamp rather than waiting weeks or months for a shipment to arrive. It puts those fun craft projects into perspective, doesn’t it?

Intel through its collaboration with Make: is encouraging people around the world to help those in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria by proposing innovations that can make a real difference in eight areas ranging from cooking technologies to water treatment.

But this mission is not just for seasoned makers or engineers; YOU can share your ideas by posting on the Maker Share platform as part of this mission to support hurricane relief. And these ideas will not just sit on the site for admiration. Disaster relief NGO Field Ready will choose a select number of projects to implement through their teams on the ground, which include skilled staff and fabrication equipment.

Youth participating in the Intel® Make Tomorrow program from Turkey to Mexico to Korea are already using Maker Share to create portfolios of their work and showcase the skills they are learning. For example, I love this young woman’s automatic clothesline project from Indonesia that frees her from waiting at home while laundry is drying outside.

Now people from literally anywhere in the world can help people affected by one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the Caribbean, while honing design thinking and hands-on tech creation skills.

Check out the Maker Share site today to participate and check out other opportunities to share your creative projects and learn new skills.

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