Supporting STEM education in California

This blog was posted on behalf of Jessica Marconi. Jessica is the California Public Affairs Manager for Intel Corporation, and is responsible for Intel’s local government affairs and philanthropic investments in Santa Clara and the surrounding community.


If you happened to be standing outside of our Santa Clara, California headquarters on October 26th, you might have noticed something a little out of the ordinary – a group of 32 local high school students spending a sunny afternoon navigating through a series of tarp mazes in a “human coding” game in our courtyard. We invited the students to our campus to celebrate their participation in the Radius Presented by Intel digital STEM program, and to see first-hand some of the amazing experiences Intel invents and brings to life.

In addition to the fun and games, the students revisited the history of our company at the Intel Museum, and experienced some of our newest technology in our recently redesigned lobby. They also participated in hands-on activities designed to apply the programming skills they’ve acquired in the Radius Presented by Intel program, while practicing cross-discipline career skills like communication, collaboration, and time management. For a glimpse inside their visit, watch this video:

Radius Presented by Intel, delivered by EVERFI, is a digital STEM readiness course that uses interactive lessons and real-world simulations to teach critical math, technology, and coding skills to local high school students. We’ve also partnered with EVERFI to deliver a complementary pairing to Radius for younger audiences – Endeavor Presented by Intel is a first-of-its kind interactive program designed for middle school students, when basic STEM literacy skills and career exploration can really ignite an early interest in STEM. Together, these two offerings provide an engaging learning experience that empowers students with the confidence they need to pursue college and career opportunities.

Over the last three years, Intel has provided more than 1,200 Bay Area students with access to these STEM resources and career development opportunities, and impacted millions more around the globe. Investing in education is critical because the opportunities and experiences students have today can help prepare them with the skills they’ll need to solve problems tomorrow. Programs like Radius Presented by Intel and Endeavor presented by Intel are helping students develop solid foundations in real-world, career-ready STEM skills, and we’re proud of the impact we’ve had.

Check out some photos from their visit:

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