Leading Sustainability in Manufacturing and Beyond

In celebration of Earth Month, we are highlighting employees who are champions of sustainability and help make every day Earth Day at Intel. We have a long-standing commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility that is made possible by harnessing the power of people and technology.

In the world of process engineering, environmental sustainability is at the core of everyday decisions. At least that is what Jason Imbrescia, a veteran Process Engineer in lithography, revealed about process engineering at Intel. Jason has been at Intel for 17 years and has worked on so many chemical reduction and manufacturing efficiency projects it is hard to count. But it is not just helping Intel operate more effectively and excelling in his own career that has kept him at Intel, but also reducing Intel’s environmental impact through his role.

Jason (center) with his teammates Kevin Cheeseman (left) and Nate Kemp (right)

In fact, Jason led a team that won Intel’s gold level Environmental Excellence Award last year for their impressive work reducing solvents in lithography manufacturing. Jason and his teammates Kevin Cheeseman, Nate Kemp, and Itamar Blum set out to reduce solvent usage and face significant challenges like capturing the current usage and developing impactful but reasonable solutions. But with two major changes, a nozzle treatment method to prevent solvent build up and a back side wafer treatment to remove particles from the wafer, the team predicted significant reductions in the amount of solvent needed. They piloted their proof of concept and showcased how it works so the project gained the full support and funds to implement completely.

The results were even greater than predicted:

  • 56% reduction of solvent use
  • Reduced solvent waste by 40,320 gallons per year

In other words, by using less chemicals in the first place and reducing the amount of chemicals in need of proper disposal, Intel has a lower environment impact. But Jason is not done, he continues to keep sustainability top of mind in his work and has moved on to another project to capture process equipment data that was previously unavailable to help more effectively manage the equipment and optimize the system overall. Outside of Intel Jason stays busy volunteering at his children’s school to educate people on proper recycling and how to reduce waste. He is also lending his engineering skills and passion for sustainability to his neighbors, advising others on reducing their Arizona home water usage through desert landscaping.

Intel is proud to have passionate employees like Jason who bring a sustainability lens to all areas of the organization but you don’t have to work in lithography or engineering to make an impact. Jason’s one piece of advice: Get engaged. Whether you want to make efficiency upgrades to your home or revamp the recycling project in your community, at least one person, if not many, are trying to do that same thing. Find those people, get engaged, and get started.

What will you do today to lower your environmental impact? Share what actions you’re taking to be more sustainable and celebrate Earth Day by using #EarthDayEveryDay on social media and follow us on Twitter @IntelInvolved to keep up with all of Intel’s corporate responsibility efforts.