Welcome to the Club: 25 Tech Awards Finalists Announced

The Tech Museum of Innovation in Silicon Valley recently announced the 25 finalists of The Tech Awards developing creative and innovative opportunities to use technology to benefit humanity around the world in five categories; Environment, Education, Health, Economic Development and Young Innovators.

We’ve sponsored the Environment Category since the inception of awards in 2001, and this year’s Environment finalists are impressive, addressing issues such as reducing emissions and air pollution, to protecting wildlife from poachers to helping communities bring polluters to justice.

A-Dedo: Created a mobile app for carpool management in crowded Latin American cities with over 14,000 registered users and an elimination of 50 tons of carbon emissions so far.

ConservationDrones: Provides technology and training to organizations worldwide, from Asia to Africa to Latin America to Greenland, to monitor habitat, prevent poaching, and map vegetation and animals.

Green Power Systems: Designs and builds small units to convert organic waste to biogas for electricity or heating production in India dramatically reducing waste being sent to landfills, reducing the use of LPG fuel – saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Inventive Power: Developed smaller and lighter solar technology to generate thermal energy in industrial and commercial sectors in Latin America were natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are currently being used.

Source International: Provides technology and training enabling members of poor Latin American communities to examine their water, air, and soil for chemical contaminants and supports them in efforts to use the data to seek justice from polluters.

On September 16, two laureates will selected from each category, including two from the group above.  They will travel to Silicon Valley in November for a week activities culminating in The Tech Awards’ ceremony, where a total of 500k will be awarded to the most promising projects.

The Tech Awards will also present the James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award at the event. This year’s recipient is Ted Turner, media mogul and global philanthropist who has focused his efforts on climate change, nuclear proliferation, disease eradication and environmental conservation among many others.

Good luck to all of the finalists!