Look Inside: Our 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report

Report CoverEarlier today, in conjunction with our Annual Stockholder Meeting, we released our annual Corporate Responsibility Report. At 126 pages, it’s a commitment to even just read it – and it takes many months and many people-hours to put a report like this together. As my first year managing the project, it’s been a labor of love for the past six months.

The report is both an overview of who Intel is – our policies, processes, and management approach on everything from corporate governance to workplace diversity to giving back to our communities – and a look back at what we achieved the previous year. For example, in 2013, we:

  • Achieved our goal to manufacture the world’s first commercially available “conflict-free” microprocessor
  • Continued to be the largest voluntary purchaser of green power in the US, according to the US EPA
  • Launched the Program to Accelerate Supplier Sustainability, designed to further improve supplier corporate responsibility
  • Announced that we will donate 50,000 Intel® Galileo development boards to 1,000 universities worldwide
  • Empowered our employees to give back to their communities, resulting in 1.2 million hours of service

It’s the way we do business. As our CEO Brian Krzanich said in his opening letter, “At Intel, we believe that corporate responsibility creates value for our company, our stockholders and society. From ultra-mobile and wearable devices to cloud computing and security, the technology universe is changing dramatically. During this unprecedented industry transformation, we remain as committed to leadership in corporate responsibility as we do to innovation in our products.”

While I’ve had many interesting and gratifying experiences working in Intel’s Corporate Responsibility Office the past three years, today was definitely a high point. This release is really just the beginning of a long journey to get this information into the right hands. And though I may take a few days off to recover, I’ll be back soon.

To learn more or read the full report, visit www.intel.com/go/responsibility.

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Linda is passionate about sustainability and corporate responsibility. She manages communications for Intel's Public Affairs organization in the Greater Americas region. She graduated from the UC Berkeley College of Natural Resources with a Bachelor of Science in Conservation and Resource Studies. Follow Linda on Twitter at @lindalqian and @Intelinvolved. She is also active on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Instagram.

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