Intel Education Welcomes Kno to the Family

john-galvin_1This blog was posted on behalf of John Galvin, vice president of the Sales and Marketing Group at Intel Corporation and general manager of the World Ahead Program, an integrated product and marketing team focused on global education. Galvin is responsible for defining Intel’s strategy and plans in the education arena, including platforms, solution stacks, services, content development, strategic partnerships and paths to market.

From smartphones that let you have face-to-face conversations with friends halfway around the world to intelligent homes that automatically set your alarm and turn off your lights, it’s no secret that our kids our growing up in a fast-paced world that’s fueled by technology.

At Intel Education, our mission is to support the rapid technology adoption in the classroom. We are working to create an ecosystem of hardware, software and digital content specifically designed to help students learn and to offer educators the tools to effectively integrate technology into the classroom. This work is based on over a decade of experience working with teachers and students. We’ve helped prepare more than 10 million teachers around the world to bring technology into their classrooms.

Today, I’m excited to announce the newest resource in the Intel Education offering. Intel has acquired Kno, a leading education-software company whose guiding mission is to change the way students learn. Much like Intel, Kno believes engagement is key to student success.

The acquisition of Kno boosts Intel’s global digital content library to more than 225,000 higher education and K-12 titles through existing partnerships with 75 educational publishers. Even more, the Kno platform provides administrators and teachers with the tools they need to easily assign, manage and monitor their digital learning content and assessments.

We’re looking forward to combining our expertise with Kno’s rich content so that together, we can help teachers create classroom environments and personalized learning experiences that lead to student success. Check out the Intel Education newsroom for ongoing updates from Intel.

How has technology made a difference in engaging your child in learning? Tell us in the comments section below.

7 thoughts on “Intel Education Welcomes Kno to the Family

  1. Although Kno has consistently ignored communications regarding accessibility problems associated with the locked up image PDF files used to produce Kno textbooks, perhaps INTEL would be willing to address the problems that Kno failed to acknowledge. If Microsoft, Apple and Google are able to attend to accessibility issues for individuals with disabilities, it is my hope that INTEL might do so as well.

  2. I just read in CT News Update about Intel acquisition of Kno, and am writing to you because I believe that our ‘Certificate for Instructors and Librarians in eText, Conceptual Curation, and Pedagogy for Conceptual Thinking and Peer Cooperation’ is relevant to Intel Education goals, and can facilitate access to and enhance success in K-12 and post-secondary education.

    The certificate program, developed since 2009, was designed for instructors and librarians in K-12 and post-secondary institutions, and provide hands-on, experiential learning with practical tools for using eText. The certificate has evolved since 2000 in the context of our R&D Project ‘Learning in the Digital Age’, and implemented at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of University of Toronto; Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture at Ryerson University in Toronto; Russian Academy of Sciences – Lycee of Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute, St. Petersburg; Material and Manufacturing Ontario (MMO) Centre of Excellence; Independent Learning Center – TVOntario (ILC-TVO); Meir Health Center, Israel; and Roots and Routes Summer Institute – RRSI-2012, at University of Toronto Scarborough.

    Following collaborative research with colleagues in Canada, Israel and the US, the certificate was updated in July, 2013. Our research shows that implementing the certificate will result in:

    1. Lowering the cost of eText course content by 60 to 95 percent less than buying traditional hardcover books, and provide guidelines to eText technology components, providers, participants and adoption.

    2. Providing instructors and librarians with digital tools that enable and facilitate eText use in any course.

    3. Providing instructors with real-time feedback of formative assessments with Meaning Equivalence Reusable Learning Objects (MERLO) Learning Analytics that increase students’ motivation, engagement, and retention rates.

    4. Significantly enhance learning outcomes.

    The certificate program covers a total of 72 instruction hours, including: instruction; individual and group work and presentations; and final project presentations.


    Uri Shafrir

  3. Hi John,

    My name is Randy Cook and I am administrator with the Bishop Unified School District. I just sent you a contact request via LinkedIn and need to visit with you about a project we are embarking on here. I appreciate the consideration.

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  5. Will you be changing the name? Kno Books is a terribly named product.

    “Do you sell books?” “Yes, we sell Kno Books.” “You sell NO books…? I thought you said you do sell books?” “Yes, we do. Kno Books.” [click]

    Also, Kno forces people to create “Kno Accounts.” Does Intel really want to be associated with a bunch of no-accounts?

  6. It’s such a pleasure to read this blog and share the thoughts and ideas. hank you so much for kindly sharing your wealth of knowledge with us all.

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