September: Cross Country Recognition

Last week the big news was at our annual Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, where we showcased the latest Intel technology and software, and even announced a few new products.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, my colleagues and I met with investors and research analysts to talk about our sustainability and social responsibility performance. Intel has been meeting with investors and analysts for well over a decade. Key discussion topics on our “SRI road trip” this year were environmental performance, supply chain management, transparency, and human rights. This was my first road trip, and I was incredibly impressed with their research and level of knowledge.

To make things even more exciting, several sustainability ratings and rankings were also announced – including the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, CDP, and FTSE4Good. Not only do these rankings and ratings serve as a reminder of our strong performance, but they also help us benchmark against others and identify potential areas of focus for continued improvement.

What this past week has taught me is that for Intel, technology and innovation are the foundation of our company – and what’s equally important is HOW we do the work that we do (and that there are people out there that care how we do it). While corporate governance, water use, and supplier audits may not be as game-changing as our latest energy-efficient chips, having the right policies and processes in place help ensure our future accomplishments will be just as successful.