#Tech4Good @ #CES2013

Walking through the CES halls last week was like being a kid on Christmas morning. Lights are flashing, adrenaline is flowing, and there are so many things to see and unwrap. Your heart pounds with excitement as you decide on the best place to focus your attention.

But what really matters – what’s bigger than all of the exceptional technology in and of itself, is how this technology is transforming lives, accelerating results and increasing impact.

This year at CES, we asked Alex Bernadotte, Beyond 12’s Founder and CEO, to share the story of her quest to improve graduation rates of low income minorities through tracking and coaching with technology.  Launched in 2009, Beyond 12 acts as a feedback loop between K-12 schools and post-secondary institutions to make sure high schools are preparing students for future success. The program also matches at-risk students with a college coach to assist in the transition, and provides students with a network of peers to turn to in tough times.

Alex is just one of the social innovators that Intel is currently supporting through a partnership with Ashoka that identifies entrepreneurs who utilize technology to make a difference in the lives of girls, women and families.

At a show where so much of the focus is on what the next new technology is, we’re challenging others to demonstrate what that technology can do.

Learn more about our vision for a better future here.

1 thought on “#Tech4Good @ #CES2013

  1. Barbara, it was such an honor to attend CES and to be featured by Intel. Intel and Ashoka have been critical partners and supporters of our work. It is incredible that in addition to focusing on the actual technology (and there were some very innovative products at CES), that Intel is focusing on the important stuff – the power of technology to transform lives and to address some of our most pressing social issues. Kudos to you and the entire Intel team!

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