10,000 Followers – Thank you!!

Yesterday we reached ten thousand followers on our @Intelinvolved Twitter handle – a big milestone since I started tweeting for the account back in June of last year. THANK YOU! To celebrate, we’re highlighting ten of our friends on Twitter – though undoubtedly we have many more (9,990 friends, in fact). If you’re not following these folks already, you should be! In no particular order:

@Society4Science – Intel is the lead sponsor for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, as well as the Intel Science Talent Search, which are both programs of the Society for Science and the Public. Their twitter handle is a great source for the latest science news, as well as upcoming science rock stars!

@BSRnews – BSR is a must-follow for emerging issues in the CSR and sustainability space. Fantastic articles and other resources I often use in my own research.

@elainecohen – Elaine writes some of the most interesting, balanced (and sometimes controversial) CSR articles that I’ve read in my short lifetime; she also wrote a pretty cool book called CSR for HR. Did I mention we share a mutual love for ice cream?

@jackandraka – Jack was awarded the Gordon E. Moore award at the 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, for his work in developing a new method for detecting pancreatic cancer. He is FIFTEEN years old. ‘nuff said.

@Ashoka/@Changemakers – Ashoka Changemakers showcases the latest in innovation and social entrepreneurship. We’re currently sponsoring a competition with them focused on equipping girls and women with new digital technologies. Voting ends today – more information at http://www.changemakers.com/girltech.

@susanmcp1 – If you’ve ever joined one of Fenton’s #CSRchats, you already know who Susan McPherson is. I attend them whenever I can, for in-depth discussions with movers and shakers in social entrepreneurship, global innovation, and cause marketing.

@10x10act – 10×10 is a social action campaign and film to reach global audiences and inspire individuals to take action for girls. Though the film isn’t being released until spring of 2013, you can watch the trailer now and get involved at http://10x10act.org/!

@chamberBCLC – We’ve been a member of the Business Civic Leadership Center for years, and they are doing some really cool things in the CSR space; their business for good map is one of our favorites!

@AmanSinghCSR – I had the pleasure of meeting Aman at the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship Conference earlier this year (another of our favorite orgs), and her blogs and tweets are as cool as she is. I look to Aman for the latest news in the CSR space.  

@NetImpact – I haven’t had a chance to make it to a Net Impact conference (next year is my year!), but as a millennial, Net Impact provides tons of great resources for us next generation of leaders.

Thanks again for the follows – and let us know if we’ve missed anyone! Reply in the comments section with your favorites on Twitter.