For the time-challenged: 60 second CSR bites

Revital Bitan leads corporate responsibility at Intel EMEA – Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

An ice breaker I find really fun is the “60 second” game: describe yourself in 60 seconds. It is always such a challenge choosing what to say. How do you present yourself to others in such a short time frame? What of the many facts about yourself should you include; what should be left out?

This year, we’ve used this same game idea to present a summary of our regional CSR reports – creating one minute movies that squeeze all our 2011 activities into bite-sized clips. If you think summing up yourself in 60 seconds is difficult – try summarizing a whole year of CSR work. Intel is well known for its broad CSR activities and it’s an ongoing struggle to present it all in a short, crisp manner. But we think we’ve done it.

Click here to see the clip about our activities in Europe and here for the clip about CSR in Israel (in Hebrew) – both just one minute long. The movies cover the various categories of our CSR activities by focusing on one big fact and then using a personal story to flesh it out – for example, the experience of one of the tens of thousands of our employees who volunteered in their communities in 2011.

In the Europe report video, the story of Dario from Intel Italy is center stage. Dario volunteers at a children’s hospital. His dedication to helping children with leukemia is awe-inspiring. As a result, he was our candidate for the Intel volunteer hero award, a yearly award that recognizes the ten most dedicated Intel employee volunteers.

For all of you who are time-constrained (and aren’t we all?), finding time to read our CSR report might be too much to ask. I hope that watching a 60 second video is not only doable but also enjoyable. See you there and send me feedback !