Renewing our Partnership with USAID

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has been Intel’s partner for 5 years. We’ve launched 20+ partnerships with them in Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East to train teachers to effectively use ICTs, provide technology support in schools and bringing connectivity and digital content to youth. Their incredible expertise in development issues coupled with our core competencies in innovation and technology solutions positions us well to tackle challenging and meaningful problems facing the globe. Today, we signed a new 5 year MOU with USAID to build and extend this work. We are focusing our joint efforts on expanding access to broadband, economic empowerment, climate change, health and entrepreneurship.

A student in the Republic of Malawi shows off his Intel powered classmate pc as part of the Textbooks and Learning Materials USAID project

I coordinate Intel’s overall relationship with USAID. This entails working with USAID to define a strategy, vision, and plan of implementation for our partnership. Two new areas of collaboration are particularly exciting.

First, I am particularly excited about a new way of partnering with USAID– a strategy we’re calling “go deep.” In the past, we’ve had partnerships with USAID country offices (Missions) without necessarily looking at synergies with other USAID activities within the same country. 

To have a deeper impact across multiple sectors, we want to think strategically with USAID Missions about how technologies intersect with their overall strategies and development domains. We believe there are many synergies to be had by looking across a Mission’s portfolio and we want to build on our existing relationships and initiatives we have.

Second, USAID also shares our enthusiasm for activities that provide education and economic empowerment for girls and women.  Together, we’re exploring how to support women entrepreneurs in a variety of ways by building on Intel’s programs focused on entrepreneurship and education.  We’d love to hear your ideas on potential joint initiatives, how our partnership should continue to evolve, and where we should collaborate.

For more information, see the USAID Press Release, and the USAID/Intel partnership fact sheet.

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