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I was pretty sure I had the most awesome job at Intel – now I’m quite certain that I do. Last month, I won one-half of an internal contest and was flown to New York to guest report on the creators project, an art/film/music technology collaboration between Intel and Vice. I shared my experience with James Liao, the other winner, who surprisingly attended the same university as me. Go bears!

As a member of the Corporate Responsibility Office under Legal and Corporate Affairs, I talk to a lot of people externally about what Intel does to care for our people, our planet, and inspire the next generation – and we do a lot in this space (like our Intel® Teach program), which solidifies our position as a responsible corporate citizen, but the creators project showed me a side of Intel that I’ve never seen before. It gave me the chance to meet some really cool people (ahem, Deborah Conrad, our CMO), and see some really amazing art.

I could spend hours waxing poetic on the 86+ hours I frolicked around Brooklyn – what I wore, what I saw, heard, felt, and drank (mostly Ketel One); but there are others who can no doubt do it better, and there are over 2 million hits for the event on Google. So instead, I’ll share a few of my favorites, and get right down to the meaty stuff.

Since I had so much fun I lost my camera, I also decided to draw a picture with some of the highlights of my trip. There’s me, Gaspard Auge of Justice) and Diplo (short for diplodocus, and hence the dinosaur), who are both internationally recognized DJs, as well as the United Visual Artists cube, which you might recognize from this year’s Coachella stage.

These three were also definite must-sees:

STRATA #4 by Quayola: a mesmerizing mix of classic art, modern technology and sound – the rendering alone took over 5 weeks. I could literally watch for hours, and if you click my link, so can you!

SUPER PONG by SuperUber: I had the chance to meet SuperUber and his brother, who FOUNDED SolarCity, the company that installed our parking lot solar panels in Arizona, California, Oregon and New Mexico. A seriously talented family.

STOP THE VIRGENS by Karen O: a psycho-opera with music by the frontwoman of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’. The ‘psycho’ prefix was aptly tacked on – seriously, like nothing I’ve ever seen or heard.

At this point, you might be asking yourself – why would Intel partner on a project like this? How is this relevant to our business? First of all, pretty much every single project I saw relied on Intel technology in some way, like the Mac mini with Intel Core inside powering the Super Pong game. Intel engineers and the people in our fabs enable these artists to create and inspire others: without our products, many of the things I experienced that weekend simply wouldn’t be possible. And it’s precisely this relationship between art and technology which gives us the opportunity to help these artists push the limitations of technology and make the world a little bit more awesome.

To my second point – this event was COOL. I have never seen so many influencers and hipsters in my life – these are the folks who are single-handedly keeping Ray Ban in business – and it seemed like everyone there was under 28; talk about reaching Generation Y! There are so many ways to reach young people, but physically bringing them together is definitely the most impactful way to go about it. If I could only use one word to describe my trip, COOL would be first; unbelievably-fantastic would come in at a close second. The best part? Sharing my experience with James and the 20,000 other people who attended, and knowing that little by little, we are transforming the way they think of Intel as a company.

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