Adventures in local CSR reporting: Spotlight on Latin America

This blog was posted on behalf of Rosangela Melatto, Intel’s Corporate Responsibility Manager for the Latin America Region.

Each year, following the release of Intel’s annual Corporate Responsibility Report, we work to localize the report for our key stakeholders in each of our regions. I’m pleased (and relieved!) to have just finished the Latin American version of the report, in both Spanish and Portuguese.

Launching a Corporate Responsibility report is different from launching a product. When launching a product, the features of the product are usually clear and opinions unwelcome, in a Corporate Responsibility report, the value is based on opinion with facts as support.

Our stakeholders, the general public and the media like to know about the good things companies are doing at the local and regional levels and how they are doing in the areas of sustainability, education, etc. Our local reports also serve as a tool for us to gather opinions and feedback on our performance.

Two weeks ago at the Editor’s Day for the Spanish Speaking Countries in Latin America, our achievements from the past year were highlighted to press from all countries where Intel has presence in the region. Our localized version of the Corporate Report has a beautiful story to share and facts to support this story: we achieved more than 1 million teachers trained in the region (one of them was live on stage), counted a record number of students receiving awards at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), had more than 60% of employees participate in some volunteering activity. While Intel operates on a global scale, we also are very focused on having a positive impact at the country level and collaborating to drive change across the entire region. Telling that story and providing performance results is a key part of that effort.

So now that the report is finished and launched – please let us know what you think and share your feedback with us.

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  1. It is awesome! It gives a great proud to be part of a company with such a sense of citizenship. Kudos for the team!

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