10 Million – a Priceless Investment in the Future

This entry was posted on behalf of Shelley Shott, Intel’s Worldwide Teacher Professional Development Manager.

We’re celebrating! In 70 countries, 10 million teachers have been trained through the Intel® Teach Program to help prepare the next generation to learn, lead and succeed in the global economy.

I remember 12 years ago, sitting in the first Intel “Teach to the Future” course, a course that changed the way I taught. There were 20 of us. Who knew that 12 years later, 10 million teachers would be trained!

So, how much is 10 million?

To count to 10 million you would need to count for 230 days – day and night, without meals or breaks.

10 million people – that is more than the population of Bogota, or Chicago, or Jakarta, or London, or even Shenzhen.

10 million pennies stacked would be over 15.9 kilometers tall, and worth more than $100,000.

Those are all fun stats. But the best is:

10 million teachers impact more than 300 million students’ lives.
10 million teachers – that is a priceless investment in the future!

That’s a lot of teachers, in a lot of countries, but what does that mean? Every teacher has a unique story to share, such as how they transformed their teaching or what it meant for their students’ learning. Many grew into a leadership role as they became recognized by their peers for their expertise.

“Prior to attending the training course, I used conventional methods, confined to books and reference materials, if available… Today’s workplace needs people who can solve problems, collaborate, and communicate well with others. No one knows what the future will bring. Our children need to have “mental flexibility” – and I firmly believe that involving students in such projects and giving them the opportunity to learn, explore and think collaboratively at this stage will help students to become responsible citizens.” (Read this full story)

– Ms. Mini TM, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Mothuka, Faridabad, Haryana, India

“I used to think the students were too young to study and understand such profound concepts as civilization. But with innovative methods of the Intel Teach Program the children not only resurrected the culture of their ancestor in their minds, but also developed love for the old civilization.” (Read this full story)

– Zhong Jianhua, Haicheng District No 9 Elementary School in Beihai, China

“The most aggravating feeling one can have is discovering that you have been working the wrong way for 10 years. That’s how I felt in Intel teach which showed me and my colleagues that we have two choices: either we stay the same or work hard to change ourselves, the students, and the school environment. That’s what I decided to do, “Change the world from my class.” (Read this full story)

– Doaa Mahmoud Fares, Damanhour Industrial Secondary School for Girls, Behira, Egypt

“At times my [learning disabled] students have struggled to enjoy school and to feel like a real part of the school itself. My Intel Teach unit entitled “The Strength of the Human Spirit” was based on the premise that no matter how hard your life is, you can still choose to be a positive part of society.” (Read this full story)

– Angie Hillman, Cottonwood Middle School, Arizona


Technology is part of our world – personally, at work, and for those in school. Imagine facing a classroom filled with digital natives in New York, wondering how you could keep them interested. Imagine standing before first generation learners in India, wondering how you could bring the opportunities of the world to your small village. Teachers want the best for their students and they know that technology is a powerful tool that can do amazing things. But it takes time and learning to truly see how to harness this power. Ongoing professional development, such as courses the Intel Teach portfolio offers, can mean the difference between a teacher who is frustrated with technology and a teacher who embraces it to help students analyze information, collaborate, and communicate, preparing for an ever-changing world. One of our teachers in Texas said it best, “There can be no 21st century learning without 21st century teachers”.

Each Intel Teach teacher reads a welcome letter at the front of their manual from Paul Otellini that says in part “Like you, Intel is passionate about education, because we know it is the foundation for innovation and opportunity…” and “Innovation involves taking calculated risks but yields big rewards. Your participation in the Intel Teach Program brings that same spirit to the classroom, where we know your students will be the true winners.”

That’s what Intel Teach is all about. Passion, calculated risks as teachers try new approaches, and preparing students to succeed.

We like to say ‘technology integration is like laundry: it’s never done’. So look for the latest courses from Intel atwww.intel.com/teachers (Intel Teach Elements). Share one with a teacher you know, let them know Intel believes in the magic of teachers. And visit www.intel.com/10millionteachers to read inspiring stories. If you’ve been part of Intel Teach, share yours!

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5 thoughts on “10 Million – a Priceless Investment in the Future

  1. One of the best investments I have made personally and professionally during this last decade is to be part of the Intel Teach family and training team at the national and international level! Great job Shelley for sharing such great news with all of us and working as a collaborative team with the most brilliant and innovative educators in the world!!

  2. Congratulations to everyone … So proud to be part of this .. and we are still aiming high

  3. Intel Teach helped revitalize my teaching. I wanted to infuse technology in my classroom. I, however, worried about it just “being a new fad” or “something fun” and not promoting learning. Thanks to Intel Teach, I can encourage students to think deeper and share learning with others. I am also grateful for the opportunity to have grown in pedagogical ideas thanks to Intel Teach. I appreciate Shelly sharing the inspiration of how big 10 million is. It is amazing to consider how these teachers can help our future through the children they teach.

  4. It’s wonderful to see the difference that Intel Teach has made in the lives of teachers and the impact it has had on their students

  5. Congratulations on reaching the 10 million mark! Intel Teach inspired my teaching and I learned so much from other teachers as a both a master teacher and a senior trainer. Thank you Shelley for all that you’ve done to make this program so great! I treasure my memories of traveling abroad with you to train teachers in Dubai! Thanks also to Steve Andrews, Judi Yost, Jeanne Butcher, Jennifer Doherty, all of the senior trainers, and everyone at Intel who helped make this program so successful!

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