Bite-sized CSR: Ergo, Shmergo

This is the third post in our “Bite-sized CSR” blog series surrounding our 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report, where we’ll pull out little snippets and case studies from across the 100+ pages of our new report.


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity for an impromptu ergonomics evaluation after I met our site’s ergonomist/safety engineer, Gary Bishop. He recommended I get my desk lowered from 29″ to 26″ (disclaimer: the woman in the photograph is not actually me; it simply illustrates how short I actually am – yes, I fit inside a server!), and install the Wellnomics program on my computer. This week, I finally got around to installing the program, and I LOVE IT! Essentially, it tracks your computer usage (how much you type and click), as well as prompts you to take breaks and do useful things such as stretch – with step by step instructions and illustrations, no less, and mandates breaks where it suggests drinking water, and even cleaning your computer screen.

Gary explained to me why ergonomics is so important. He notes, “Ergonomics doesn’t just affect what you do in your workplace – it spills over into your personal life as well. Imagine not being able to hold your baby because of the pain in your hands, or not being able to work in your garden because of problems with your back.” If you frame the issue like that, maybe a few extra people would make the effort to sit up straight.

I think this really gets to the core of CSR – yes, it’s about reducing packaging (see my post last week) and contributing to society through events like Intel ISEF, but it’s also about making sure that your own employees are taken care of and able to do their jobs. Ergo injuries constitute a significant portion of workplace injuries; the key is prevention first, and second, getting employees to report issues early before they become serious.

One way we do this is by encouraging employees to schedule check-ups with engineers like Gary. Check out the Health & Safety and Employee Wellness section starting on page 74 of our 2010 Corporate Responsibility report to see other steps we’re taking to help our employees enjoy a better quality of life.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to take a WorkPace break…

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