Intel Paris gives back in a big way!

Thumbnail image for volunteers.pngParis, “The City of Light” is the home of wonderful bread, the Eiffel tower and the Louvre. What you might not know is that Paris, like many other European cities, struggles with the issue of homelessness and near homelessness. Many people do not have the essential supplies they need in order to be healthy and feel clean, basic human necessities.

I was lucky enough to be on hand and had the opportunity to help out, and witness the teamwork that took place. The hard work and great attitudes of all the participants really reflects our “involved” spirit with the community.

Intel’s Paris office used this year’s first volunteering event to take the opportunity to help this oft forgotten and underserved group of people. The office started out by gathering over

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  1. Hi, I work with an international charity that inspires, educates and empowers young people (aged 4-25) through the medium of film and moving image. As a brand we’ve been on a bit of a journey over the past twenty years and today we engage with 35,000 budding film makers in the UK, Ireland, Europe & USA. We’ve started a search for a global sponsor and as a technology brand, Intel is top of our list – would Intel be interested in a partnership – check out our link before you answer Thanks, David

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