Sometimes mistakes turn out for the better, even if at first they make us feel ashamed. Last October we organized an Intel Involved activity in Argentina, which consisted in picking up trash from the riverbed of the Ecological Reserve, the event was excellent, but there was one mistake that did not pass unnoticed: the print on the T-shirts!

Reserva Ecologica - Oct 2010.JPGA few days prior to the event we realized we were out of Intel Involved T-Shirts and in a hurry we had some made and printed. We got them on the day of the event, only to realize that instead of INTEL INVOLVED, they said INTEL INVOLUED. Oh what a shame! I felt awful.

But to my surprise, the INTEL INVOLUED phrase has become a sort of internal motto in the office. Everyone keeps asking, “Are you INVOLUED?” I hear the phrase almost daily! Someone has even posted a T-shirt in an office wall, and I expect the phrase to stick around for a while.

So that´s the story: a serendipitous word, INVOLUED, a mixture of involved and valued, which was the result of a mistake, has stuck with everyone in the Buenos Aires office. In an year in which – for the first time – we have reached a 70% participation of our employees in volunteer activities (they are more INVOLUED than ever!) this magic word has helped raise the spirit of the Intel Involved Program and has made us feel part of a unique team. After all, we are the only INTEL INVOLUED team in the world!