Can a company from the country with the third largest number of Facebook users in 2009 become a success story?

iletken_logo.jpgIletken Technologies (Iletken) of Turkey will participate to 2010 Intel+UC Berkeley Technology Entrepreneurship Challenge (IBTEC) as the third team from the Intel Challenge Europe competition. Iletken develops technology that helps businesses recommend the right content for right users. Iletken’s behavioral discovery engine delivers personalized product recommendations to users tailored to their preferences and past choices.

iletken_online-shopping.JPGIletken’s main product is an ‘Amazon meets Facebook’ recommendation engine for online retailers that simply plugs into their sites and helps them increase their sales by creating a personalized shopping experience. The service automatically learns from on site behavior and personal data on Facebook to deliver powerful recommendations instantly.”

Their Smart Movie Discovery and Personalized Music TV applications are likely to attract attention of the Smart TV industry where two Turkish companies are among the top 5 household appliance manufacturers in Europe.

iletken_founders.jpgIletken Technologies was founded by a group of Turkish students from universities in the US and Turkey. Selcuk Atli, M. Deniz Oktar, Baris Can Daylik and Anil Altas collaborate closely with experienced entrepreneurs and scientists from CommerceHub, Stanford University and Tetherless World Research Constellation at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Iletken Technologies whose a member of Intel’s Software Partner Program and has received numerous recognitions.. We’ll have to wait a few weeks to see if Iletken will be able add another award to their list at the upcoming IBTEC.

3 thoughts on “Can a company from the country with the third largest number of Facebook users in 2009 become a success story?

  1. In the near future, softwares facilitating dacision making will be popular. Big companies (with big data sets) have the oportunity to develop or buy their own analitical software. But small and mid-sized companies are in need of iletken type of developers.
    I am sure that they will be succesfull if they catch the stream.

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