Just another Arizona summer day on an Intel rooftop

As I found myself climbing a ladder in a narrow stairwell ascending to the rooftop of Intel’s Chandler building in 111 degree weather, I wished that I had packed a dry shirt in the car. But if Intel’s Marty Sedler can do this regularly in the Arizona summer, then I could certainly suck it up. Sweaty clothes and all. Today’s mission was to get a close-up look at our new solar panel installation — part of Intel’s larger commitment to using renewable energy.

I refer to Marty as Intel’s own “green power ranger” — but his official title is Intel Director of Global Utilities and Infrastructure. He is one of the behind-the-scenes guys at Intel responsible for driving our green energy programs. He’ll tell you that he’s personally excited about this project because he’s found the sweet spot of corporate sustainability goals – AND economic goodness for Intel’s bottom line (which is important to all shareholders). He’s been closely involved in all of our solar installations across Intel campuses in Arizona, California and Oregon. Here Marty talks about the solar panels – provided by First Solar – on Intel’s rooftop in Chandler, Arizona.

I also asked Marty what are some of the most commonly asked questions he gets regarding Intel’s solar projects. Frequently asked is “If Intel is going to do this at all, why just not put solar panels on all of Intel’s rooftops?” Here Marty answers that question:

Marty — congratulations for seeing an important project come to fruition! And this Intel carpet-dweller already misses wearing the bright-orange hardhat and steel-toe reinforced work boots. Let’s do this again – in Oregon!